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LITTLE RICHARD YOU AND YOUR BAND ARE THE GREATEST. YOUR GUITAR PLAYER -TRAVIS WAMMACK-(from Memphis Tennessee) is the GREATEST guitar player in the world. I saw your show and really did enjoy it.I also met your band and they were really nice.KEEP ON ROCKIN--JES
Elsie Stanford 2002-12-30

You are the bomb! I wish I was around to have seen you in person.  Thank you for sharing your spirit and your talent with us.  Thank you GOD for sharing Little Richard with us.
Riki Henry 2002-12-30

I love your singing.I also think that you have a wonderful gift.
Charita Martin 2002-12-29

I have seen The Beatles "live" four times.... The Stones five times....and every other act you could care to name.Believe me, nobody, nobody, NOBODY comes close to the amazing Little Richard.His show (in the aptly-named Boom-Boom Rooms, which later went boom! boom! in the worst possible way) in Belfast in the early sixties, was the greatest experience of my life. He was at the peak of his prodigious powers.The Upsetters (with the legendary Grady Gaines on tenor saxophone) were on fire.....but Richard......Richard was a bolt of lightning!I can remember exactly where I was in '56 when I first heard his magnificent voice.  And yet, it is only a couple of months since I last saw him "live" at Casino Rama in Ontario, Canada.Most piano players would kill just to be able to do the thrilling boogie-woogie bass work he does.And that's just his left hand!How fortunate we are that, in Whoopi Goldberg's great phrase: "The Beauty Is Still On Duty"Retirement?  Don't bet on it.  He !
wouldn't know what to do with himself.Little Richard was BORN to rock!Sincerely,Frankie Connolly
Frankie Connolly 2002-12-28

Dear Little Richard and fans. One of my best childhood memories is Little Richard records Send me some lovin and Lucille. I would jump with joy every time my dear grandma would put your records on for me to hear. Both my aunt and dad bought your records when they were teenagers,and grandma knew I would love , love, love your music too. She would call your song "La Lucia".It was the most heart pounding rhythmn the human ear has been graced with. You are the greatest rock and roll artist of all time.Thank you for bringing me and my family such joy with your music.I now play your music to my 3 year old son.
Dori 2002-12-19

Thanks for everything. I had the chance to see Little Richard 6 times: 06.07.96 - Munich, Germany - Circus Krone - 19.07.97 - Essen, Germany - Grugahalle - 23.07.98 - Munich, Germany - Olympiahalle - 28.07.98 - Zurich, Switzerland - Hallenstadion - 04.07.00 - Mannheim, Germany - Maimarkthalle - 05.07.00 - Zurich, Switzerland - Hallenstadion. Now you're retiring. But your music will live on forever!! And I know, someday we'll meet again in heaven.
Wolfgang Guhl 2002-12-16

Happy birthday! I remember being with you onstage in Denmark 1998, one of my greatest moments. Sorry to hear that you are retiring, but I'll remember you!
Vagn Hansen 2002-12-15

You're the Rubber Duckie Man.Rubber Duckie.Piano Man.Rubber Duckie Man.
Omari Kiasi 2002-12-12

Belated 70th birthday greetings to the emancipator, the originator of rock 'n' roll! Hard to believe you are 70, you don't look a day over 50! Keep on rockin', even in your retirement, maybe you can still do a guest appearance from time to time. God bless you Richard!
Ron Fowler 2002-12-08

Ive never been a particular Little Richard fan, until he performed live on stage i Esbjerg in Denmark at the Legends of Rork nroll festival 2001.Until this time Ive been a fan of Elvis, Shakin Stevens, and Jerry lee Lewis a.s.o.But he Took My Heart that night. He truely are the Architekt of Rnr.Hes Performance is the best Ive ever seen. And Ive seen such greats as: Chuck berry, Jerry Lee Lewis, Shakin Stevens, Cliff Richard, Status Quo, and Brian Setzer. But Little Richards Show was above them all.Hes number one!!! No Doubt.
Jonny Petersen 2002-12-07

Happy Birthday Little Richard - so was my Grandma's - 1889 - well I'm a Quantum Leap fan and wanted to know more about some of the songs in an episode "Good Morning, Peoria" ... there a quite a few of them - I met you once at LAX. You were kind enough to give me your autograph... Thank You - :-) ... I always loved your songs - You are the one and only rock and roller!!!
Carol <aka> C_DEAN n C_AL 2002-12-06

Congratulations and many happy returns on your 70th birthday. You will always be king, you are the greatest
Roger Bennett 2002-12-06

Congratulations on your 70th birthday!!Greetings from Switzerland
Rafael Rey 2002-12-05

Congratulations on your 70th birthday mr. Penniman. This is a big day in the Rock 'n roll history.
Mattias Bruhn 2002-12-05

happy birthday and all the best wishes fromgermany. you should come here and give some moreconcerts, a long time fan
Andreas Keller 2002-12-05

Hi its Ben Smith here I really like your type of rock and roll I also like your songs too.  I dream of someday meeting you I live in Oregn I don't like living here but it's fine.
Ben Smith 2002-12-04

I like your sites
Meagan Monique 2002-12-04

Congratulations and many happy returns on your 70th birthday! And thanks for all the joy and inspiration in your music!
Michael Robinson 2002-12-04

5th of December 2002- a milestone in the life of a milestone in musical history. Congratulations on your 70th birthday, Richard.
Michael Steen Henriksen 2002-12-03

Richard i was just listening to long tall sally again and there is just NO words to describe the sheer class of that song. also i must ask, if you can answer,are you still alive today??? because someone told me you were now with god, or maybe they said you were a god i cant remember too well, anyway i still love you man. i have now got my hair to look exactly like yours as i just want to be like you in every way i can!!!!
William Gibson 2002-11-30

Just want to say that when i hear your songs onthe radio and im upset they always cheer me up.You are the greatest. I love your music.
Riyad Ateshin 2002-11-30

Hi there Richard.Well first of all let me just say....King Among Men!!!I have your greatest hits album,and i have to say long tall sally is the song more me.The lyrics in it and the sheer presence of your voice is breathtaking.You are the man.If i could be anyone in this world it would be you.Are you ever going to tour???Plzzzz say yes.And if you do tour i think you think tour with one Lionel Richie.As i think both of yous would make a great duo.I am your biggest fan...Little Richard,i wish you were my Father!!!!
Michael Keane 2002-11-29

William Gibson 2002-11-28

hello little richard. i was at your concert in concord nh in october '02. i showed you a large photo of you and i on stage at pleasure island in florida in late 1995. you loved it. as a matter of fact you want me to send you a copy, i will. i still have your address. keep in touch
Troy Patoine 2002-11-27

The Originator, the Emancipator and the Architect of Rock and Roll.. No one else has ever tried to claim this title, you'll find no Little Richard impersonators... he is the Genuine Article, and we who grow up listenung to his music will always be indebted to him. God Bless You.
J Fry 2002-11-25

I grew up listening to Little Richard and I loved it and still do.Little Richard sure knows how to rock the house.In mmy book there is no one that can top Little Richard then and now.We love you Little Richard and you are loved by lots of people today.Take care and enjoy yourself because we don't realize it untill we get older but life is so short and I know you have enjoyed your life and we have enjoyed you.
Dorothy Baskin 2002-11-25

The music that I grew up listening to. Hey, in a Saturday night burnout, dragracing, if you really   wanted your car to reel and rock you had   Little Richard blaring on the radio or eight -track tape. That was the way to go. Thanks to Little Richard for the Music.Best Regards, Morgan
Morgan J. Landry 2002-11-18

I love little richard he is my all time favorite
Anton Plantz 2002-11-15

hey all you littel richard fans if ther is any littel richard fan in nova scotia email me at so we can talk and remember littel richard is the only person that out does elvis
Scott Arenburg 2002-11-14

Hi everybody ! im  fan from Brazil! my english is very bad... so i want only to say :: Little Richard is te Rock'n Roll Father!!!
Csar Augusto de Freitas Azevedo 2002-11-13

Little Richard: I am 22 years old and a "long-time" fan. I started off as a Jerry Lee fan, but as soon as I got my hands on one of your live recordings, I saw the light! I feel like I was born in the wrong era and your plans of retiring from the limelight only strengthen this feeling. Good golly, your last two concerts here in the Netherlands were a revalation! I had never before heard such a "hard rock & roll" sound, with your fantastic band with two drummer-boys. I wished during those performances that everyone on the planet could be there. You completely outrocked Jerry Lee and poor old Chuck. You are alive and I want you to rock 'til you drop! You wouldn't want white guys like me to take over and travel around doing Little Richard impersonation acts, would you?
Andre Gussekloo 2002-11-11

Great to be back on the Little Richard news site. I remember all my 17 shows I have seen with LR. But I hoop it will be some more before he returns. We are many fans in Sweden and we hoop the promotor will go on for an Scandinavian tour very soon. The five concerts in Sweden 1990 is a model for a great rock'n'roll tour. I remember the 3 hour (TV filmed) dynamite show in Malm and the raining but rockin' show in Borgholm. I know LR will allways Roll Over Beethoven!
Johan Hasselberg 2002-11-09

he looks funny...... but cool
Shae Painchaud 2002-11-08

little richie is soooo sexy!!!!!
Melissa Hain 2002-11-08

Bill Mack 2002-11-03

Please come to Georgia to give your last concert! We love you
Cookie Connors 2002-11-03

My dad thought you were the business, iv'e just put a picture of one of the records i've got of yours on my web site, and mentiond yours under it, i hope this is ok. if not i'll remove it.
Johnny Spencer 2002-11-02

Hello Little Richard, thank you for the last ten years that i saw you on more than 30 concerts all over the world. First time I get to know you in person on Nov. 28th, 1992, shortly before you was 60 years old. It was at the sportpaleis in Antwerpen / Belgium (more than 12000 peolpe) at the Diamond Award Show. Last concert that i saw you was in Aug. 5th, 2001 in Las Vegas at the Sam's Town Hotel. I hope that you will not completly retireing from stage. I hope that you will give from time to time a few concerts or TV apperance. And i hope that you will make a new CD with Rock'n'Roll songs in the old style, but not re-recordings of your old songs like "Goog Golly Miss Molly" or Lucille, i mean new songs in the style of "Get Rhythm" or "Elevator Operator". And now to all Little Richard fan's worldwide. I'm a crazy fan and i collect all from Little Richard. If you have something, so please let me know and write me an E-Mail to :  or send me a lette!
r to following address :  Michael Neubert, Oeslauer Str.116, 96472 Roedental, Germany. O.K. that's all. Best Regards and "Keep on Rocking !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Michael Neubert 2002-11-02

Dear Richard,I brought your greatest hits to our office today (a Canadian UNiversity History Department) and we played it through lunch and into the afternoon.  It brought great joy to faculty and students; Good Night Irene was out of sight.  As they say in Australia, "Good on ya, Mate!" All the best from the McMaster University History Department. 
John Weaver 2002-11-01

big guy, we still love you
Adolf the Rock Hope 2002-11-01

Diamond Scott 2002-10-31

hey  friends i very like your listen your music, and i very like to sing it, please send me lyrics of "SHE'S GOT IT" in your library it's absent. sorry for my english.  bye
Pavel Kirichenko 2002-10-27

this is kew
Logan Tripp 2002-10-22

Hi Richard! Your new recording "Get rhythm" is great!!! Rock on!
Mattias Bruhn 2002-10-20

Hi richard you're the greatest. Honeycomb  is your best song and also I likeLoveletters in the sand
Jack Dawson 2002-10-08

You are the greatest
Sven-Erik Karlsson 2002-10-02

hello what's up ? i'm frome  israel i love little richard and his wooow.. if i can get some things about him  pictures...ok i anjoy  frome this link.send a  letter back pleas byy
Matan Polak 2002-09-27

Today is Tuesday, September 24, 2002.  Is he (little Richard) still alive???Please answer that when you email me?!.
Jessica DeHaan 2002-09-25

i am a german man,59,and a great fan of little richardmy favorite title is of course:tutti my freetime i am a dj here in a heide-town radiostation and than i play only rockn roll,boogie and blues,all from the 50 and 60,made in usa.dieter lackliliencronstrasse 225746 heide-germany-
Dieter Lack 2002-09-24

Your music has been such an inspiration to me and I am writing to thankyou, you are still well heard today and you are still a king of rock and roll!Thankyou for your time, BeanXxXx
Katrina Dimech 2002-09-20

the greatest angel voice on earht belgium a freak
Petrus Zopfi 2002-09-15

I saw you once Little Richard and you were HUGE.  I always thought with the name "little" richard you would be a really tiny fella but it's just not so.  It might be less confusing for your fans if you dropped the "little".
Jess Hauch 2002-09-07

I am a huge little richy fan and I love talking to other fans.  My favorite song of his is wonderful tonight but New York New York is also a pretty good one.  I've got nothing but love for my little richy!!!!!
Katie Delozier 2002-09-07

HI Little Richard, I love you soooo much.  I saw you one time down in a soul food cafe in nashville and ever since then I think you are a whoop bop a loo mop, a sexy whoo ha!
Catie Brownewell 2002-09-07

As a fellow artist, I just wanted to thank you for having the creative genius to do with music the wonderful things you did.  You brought a great change to the world of music, one that it greatly needed.Love YouJeffery Wright 2002-08-28
Jeffery Wright 2002-08-28

Rock on!!
Lauren Barnett 2002-08-28

Mr. Penniman, You more or less created a genre, rock'n'roll.  No matter who does or doesn't acknowledge your achievements, music listeners know that you gave "rock" an edge, an excitement that no one else has. You should thank God for your gifts and the gift to communicate with them. Thank you for giving us so much excitement. Sincerely, Felix
Felix Korenek 2002-08-27

i can say one thing little richard you are my god
Zeina Zanzouna 2002-08-24

G'day Lil Richard. I dont really know what to say, but aye, Im only 14 and i actaully think your really awesome. I havent seen you live like everyone else, but suppose i dont actaully get to go anywhere, but still. You awesome, i lvoe ya songs, and yeh. well, im properlly your Youngest biggest fan, hehehe. yeh Bye
Anita Brenner 2002-08-22

Hi Richard,  I wrote you a rather long message in the e-mail on this website.I heard you retiring:(  We have a lot in common.  I seen you at Arlington SDA Church, I used to send your mother mailings from the Riverside SDA Church when I was their secretary.  I knew where she lived on Lincoln Ave and in Rubideaux. Funny,  I can't remember how to spell it anymore? I remember when you lost your mother about the same time I lost my mine.  I was born at LLUMC and lived in Riverside for 43 years.  I now reside in the Pacific Northwest (retired).  I attend the Friday Harbor SDA Church.  If you are ever in this area, near San Juan Island,  I invite you attend our church.  We are small and we are family.I will miss seeing you on TV.  My husband used to attend your concerts at the Riverside Municipal Auditorium.  Alas,  I wasn't allowed to go, I was too young (I'm 54).  My parents were strict SDA.  I have always loved you, your music and fantastic personality.  You are KING of !
R&R!  I pray you have a great retirement and that we may meet someday on that far away shore beyond the sunset.  I know both our mama's will be there and that's my goal, too. I made a promise to my parents I would see them again.May God bless you greatly in the years to come!Love and much admiration.  You're the best!Linda (Vaughn) SmithPS  you may have heard of my brother Donald Jon Vaughn.  He was a music professor for La Sierra University and the organist at La Sierra U. for 40 years.  He is widely known in those parts.I've been to the Rock 'n Roll Seattle Center Experience Music Project Museum (EMP) and don't recall seeing a display of anything related to you.  Somebody needs to tell Paul Allen!  He is a neighbor on the next Island over, Lopez Island.It's gorgeous here,  please come and visit us at out church sometime.  We'll all give you a great big hug. In fact,  I might be able to arrange for you to stay at a member's bed and breakfast on Lopez Island and they can fly (!
10 minute flight)you to church to worship with us. We hav!
e a former Conference president as a pastor.  He's very good.We have the SDA Washington Conference Health Van at out County fair right now. It's not easy spreading the word on these Islands, so our church remains quite small.We'd love having you if you get up to the seattle area.
Linda (Vaughn) Smith 2002-08-16

Hello Little Richard, I saw you today [Monday, 8/12/2002] on 'Time and Again'.  Yes, you are the greatest and the Architect, Creator, Emancipator, Inventor, King, Originator of Rock and Roll, as well as a genuine inspiration.
Bob Searles 2002-08-13

The man rocks!
Frank Phillips 2002-08-09

Richard, I saw your show on Aug.4th at the Westbury Music Fair in NY. Who was the Sax player? PS.Your still #1 and pretty....
Doug Neale 2002-08-05

Richard, I saw you on the Late Show this week and David Letterman said you are retiring. I hope this is not so as you are one of the few original 50's rockers still performing. Even if touring is getting to be too hard, I would hope you could still do the occasional tv show or recording project. Your band is awesome and you can still rock better than anyone. Chuck Berry is 75 and working on a new album, Bo Diddley is still touring, but where is Fats Domino? Retired. The Everly Brothers retired last summer. Elvis Presley, Buddy Holly, Rick Nelson, Roy Orbison, Charlie Rich, Eddie Cochran, all these guys are gone. Keep on rockin' Richard, you are the best!
Ron Fowler 2002-08-02

Hi Richard, please come to Gnarrenburg in Germany.The best place for a concert with Little Richard.Here are your best fans !!!! We love you forever !!!!!!! Please Come !!!
Class R9a 2002-08-02

Hola Ricardo! You no quit, eh? Soy un hombre poco loco y Chichacuamaca. Via rock & roll!
Esteban Cojones 2002-07-25

Hello Richard, I am 13 and i just love your singing, I live in Bakersfield California and my b-day is coming up Sep. 15 and i would like an autographed picture if u please!   My address is 3000 Pomona St. Area code is 93305.  Please!!! I LUV U!
Antoinette Izquierdo 2002-07-21

We will be going to your concert in Westportthis Thursday how can we get a record from signedwe have to sit after the corporate seats because they are reserved we will go early to get the best next seats ,we came here with the Belgian waffles in the NY Worlds Fair and stayed we are Americans but inspired us to come.Thank you Monique & Joe
Joseph&Monique Van Stippen 2002-07-17

Hi Richard, I saw your show in Mississippi at one of the casinos on 7/13/02.  You looked great and so was your show.  I've always seen you on TV and never in person. It was a real treat.  I also was thrilled when you let the young singer from the Appollo sing.  Boy can he sing!! It was great to see you express your belief in God and encourage others.  Keep up the good work.  God Bless.
Art Lady 2002-07-17

Wow what a great website , I've always had the firm belief that Little Richard is the greatest singer in history , I'm only 16 and I come from North Yorkshire in Great Britain , a world apart from Little Richard and yet still his music has been able to capture me , I truley love his music and always will .... PEACE!
Joe Ingham 2002-07-13

Ember Barrow 2002-07-12

My husband and I so enjoyed your concert in Tucson on July 4. May your life be full of giving so much to others. You are a treasure!
Mary Lou Low 2002-07-08

Oh, you dear man!  I heard and saw you in Tucson on the 4th.  Wonderful!   Little Richard, you didn't give ME one of your books.  Can I send you a SASE and will you send me one, Hmmm?  Thanks! A real fan.
Richard Johnsen 2002-07-06

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