She's Got It (Penniman, Marascalco)

There's a sweet little girl that lives down the street,
Some people think she's square but I think she's sweet,
You can see her every day, strollin' up and down the way,
Lookin' so pretty and this is what I say,
She's got it, ooh baby, she's got it,
Oooh, baby, she's got it, I can't do without her!

Big blue eyes, long black hair,
Dimpled cheeks and she's no square,
She's got it,...

Ruby lips, shapely hips,
When she walks down the street all the cats flip,
She's got it,...

Loves to sing, hot rod queen,
She's real gone in everything,
She's got it,...

When the music's hot, loves to bop,
She'll dance till the juke box pop,
She's got it,...

Ye-eah, she's got it, oh-ho, she's got it,
Oo-oo-ooh, she's got it, ye-ee-eah, she's got it,
Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh, ye-eah-he-he-hey.