Tomi Jaskari, Vantaa, Finland

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Independent IT Consultant

Meet my company

I'm Tomi Jaskari born on September 1966 at Helsinki, now living at Vantaa. I have worked part time at The Family Federation of Finland from spring 1999 to October 2004.

I have used computers since early eighties. First in school and later both at home and at work. I'm very good with them and learned early to make programs with various programming languages.

I'm not married and so am free to do what I want. Merja is my mother and Rauno Karttunen is my biological father.

I speak finnish as my mother language. I read english perfectly but speaking it is bit clumsy. Third language in my repertoire is swedish. At school my first foreign language was russian, but after one season I had to start over with english. First it was a pain to me to catch up with others, but when I started to read english books on my own, I soon really understood the language.

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