Peleron's Brilliant Rebirth (PBR)



Peleron's Brilliant Rebirth (or PBR) is a pseudo-roguelike CRPG by Topi Ylinen.

My earlier related programming projects include Angband hacks, the best known of which is Zangband. I chose to write PBR from the scratch mainly for two reasons:

  1. It was easier to start from scratch than try to tweak *angband into something that it was not designed to be.
  2. I automatically have the copyright to the full source code.

For a more detailed project background, refer to the readme.1st file in the game docs directory. (You should read that file first anyway.)

The game is set in Ikoniel, a unique world designed by Topi Ylinen. For more details on the game world, refer to the files Introduction.rtf and world.txt in the game docs directory.

PBR key features(*)

(*) The list of features applies to the finished game. The current version is a pre-alpha version that implements only a portion of these features. For more details on what has been implemented so far, see the changelog.

The PBR binary runs on Win32 computers. It has been tested on Windows 98, Windows 2000, and Windows XP Professional. Download the most recent version here - it is free!

PBR pre-alpha 0.106 Win32 binary (zip, 1.20 MB)

To send an email to Topi Ylinen, include '[PBR]' in the subject line, and send the message to

Please note that if you omit the [PBR] string, your mail will likely be tagged spam and trashed automatically.

Alternatively, post to and include [PBR] in the subject line.

Some of the most common questions are already covered in the game FAQ.

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