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Welcome to Martti's Triumph TR6PI Web site!

This site is dedicated to the Petrol Injection (PI) version of Triumph TR6.

TR6PI 1970 (1CP50229LP)

I purchased this car from Holland in 2000/11 and drove it to Finland.

Information about TR6PI

Production volume Production years 1969-1975, total number produced 13.912 (PI model only, CP- and CR-series)
Dimensions Length 4040 mm , width 1470 mm, height 1270 mm, weight 1085 kg
Engine (original 1970 specs) 6-cyl 2.5l in-line Lucas petrol injected / power 142hp(DIN) @ 5500 RPM / torgue 204Nm @ 3500 RPM
Measured power 2011 with HESTEC EFI 161 hp(DIN) @ 5430 RPM / torque 252 Nm @4590 RPM
Performance Acceleration about 8s 0-100km/h (not measured).
Tyres (original Europe version) 185R15

The owner

Martti Ojanen, born 1951, lives in Tampere, Finland. (email: ojanen.martti(at)kolumbus.fi)

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