The Ageless Wisdom Tradition tells us that the Spiritual Hierarchy of our planet was founded some eighteen million years ago with the cooperation of luminous beings who were impelled by streams of energy from Sirius, our Sun and Venus. Ever since that time, the "Great Teaching" has been available to humanity on Earth. This Teaching is known as "The Ageless Wisdom", and has always been present and available to humanity in one form or another.

The Tradition tells us that there was a great war during the period of the Atlantean Civilization (preceding modern civilization). During this period, the members of the Spiritual Hierarchy were forced to withdraw into a more subjective state, thus removing many aspects of the Ageless Wisdom from easy access by humanity. The Schools of the Mysteries which taught the Ageless Wisdom, then became secret societies which operated apart from the awareness of ordinary humanity.

Since that time humanity has suffered much due to its ignorance, and is ready for a reorientation towards the Light. Great Cycles indicate that the time has again come for the Reappearance of the Mysteries within the consciousness of humanity. The Ancient/Ageless Wisdom has again appeared in the form of many books. The Master of the Wisdom are drawing closer to humanity and preparing to release of flood of Light, Love and spiritual Power unparalleled in the history of the human race.

Pohjolan Valo finds itself as part of the ancient lineage of Mystery Schools and is now (with a number of such schools) doing its part to bring the long-concealed Ancient Wisdom forward. This is the function of the Pohjolan Valo MysteeriKoulu--to teach and spread the knowledge of the Ageless Wisdom in Finland and, in general, through Northern Europe.

The Mystery School Tradition is millions of years old--ancient. But some principles remain ever the same. Only those who truly seek to serve their fellow human beings can become candidates for entry into a true Mystery School. All learning, all increase of capacities and abilities such as will occur in a Mystery School are strictly for the purpose of uplifting the human race and improving the quality of life for all beings on our planet.

The training involved is long and arduous. The disciplines of meditation are of greatest importance. Pohjolan Valo (functioning strongly under the Seventh Ray of Ceremonial Magic and Order) takes an especially ceremonial approach to the learning of Meditation. Deep study is also needed and to this we apply ourselves. Of deep and foundational importance is Service. Each participant in a Mystery School will find his or her own ways of serving best, but the ritual-services and sacred ceremonials offered by Pohjolan Valo offer a group method in line with the principles of the new and coming Seventh Ray Age.

Pohjolan Valo offers much meditative and academic training to those who may be interested, but of the prospective members of the Pohjolan Valo Mystery School something more is expected--a real selfless dedication to the National Soul of Finland and, even more importantly, to the Soul of Humanity. When such selfless dedication exists, one has fulfilled the fundamental requirement to be a member of a Mystery School.

The true Schools of the Mysteries are still hundreds of years from appearance. Today we are in training and are in preparation for that time when the Ancient Mysteries will be supervised by actual members of the Spiritual Hierarchy of the Planet. Yet there is much we can do even now. Pohjolan Valo welcomes into the Pohjolan Valon MysteeriKoulu all those who yearn for illumination so that they may better serve their fellow human beings.