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sivua päivitetty 06.05.2021      

Öljyt ja voiteluaineet:




    Motor Cycle Oil Stabilizer  (L90727)
The #1 heavy duty and high performance oil supplement in the U.S. It
eliminates dry starts and resists thermal breakdown for total protection
in new engines. It stops smoking, knocking and oil consumption in worn engines.
It raises oil pressure, adds lubricity, lowers temperatures and stops leaks.
It also extends oil life by at least 50%. It safely blends with all petroleum
products, even synthetics. Lucas Motorcycle Oil Stabilizer will not void
new motorcycle warranties. 355 ml
hinta 10 €
Rock Oil 10/40W Guardian 4-Stroke Motoroil 4L
GUARDIAN Semi Synthetic engine oil is a premium grade semi-synthetic 4 stroke engine oil
that meet the exacting demands of modern high performance motorcycle engines.
Rapid cold start circulation, providing maximum protection during initial start up.
Passes crucial clutch friction test required to meet the JASO MA specification, allowing safe,
predictable use in wet clutch applications. SAE 10w40,JASO MA API SJ ACEA A3/B3
hinta 39 € / 4 lit   (002L)
hinta 12 € / 1 lit   



Rock Oil    Factory Foam Air Filter Oil Fluid
tarjoushinta 12,50 € / litra


Lucas    Filtteri öljy  L90798
tarjouishinta 11,50 €

Rock Oil Factory Eco Foam Air Filter Oil 0,95 liter 037-1L
Factory eco filter oil is a water washable air filter fluid and has been developed to offer an easy to use high performance air filter lubricant. It is compatible with all foam air filters. In stead of having to wash your dirty filter in some type of chemical solution, Factory eco filter oil has completely removed this step. It is a non mineral, water soluble fluid that can be safely washed away with water.
Wash the filter thoroughly in water if eco air filter fluid has been previously used. Let it the filter dry and Shake the can well and pour directly onto filter until completely covered and massage the filter until it's evenly spread.
hinta 21,90 € / 0,95 lit
hinta 97,00 € / 5 lit

Rock Oil Factory ECO Foam, 400ml, tuotenro 063
Tehtaan ekosuodatinöljy on vedellä pestävä ilmansuodatinneste, ja se on kehitetty tarjoamaan helppokäyttöinen korkealaatuinen ilmansuodatinvoiteluaine.
Se on yhteensopiva kaikkien vaahtoilmasuodattimien kanssa. Sen sijaan, että joudut pesemään likaisen suodattimen tietyntyyppisissä kemiallisissa liuoksissa, tehdas ekologinen suodatinöljy on poistanut tämän vaiheen kokonaan. Se on ei-mineraali, vesiliukoinen neste, joka voidaan pestä turvallisesti vedellä.
Pese suodatin huolellisesti vedellä, jos ekoilman suodatinnestettä on käytetty aikaisemmin.
Anna suodattimen kuivua ja ravista tölkkiä hyvin ja suihkuta suoraan suodattimeen, kunnes se on täysin peitetty, ja anna sen tiptua kuivana ennen käyttöä.
hinta 16 €



Rock Oil Chain Lube 600 ml (013)
Penetrates inner pins and inside of the chain rollers.
Thickens to a viscous, extreme pressure lubricant.
Offers exceptional protection against shock loadings.
Resists flinging to a remarkable degree. Suitable for all ‘O’ ring and ‘X’ ring chains.
Contains advanced anti-corrosion and dewatering additives to help increase chain life.
Extreme pressure additives reduce surface contact at the chain / sprocket interface,
hence increasing sprocket life.

hinta 14 €

Rock Oil Foam Air Filter Cleaner
Foam Air Filter Cleaner is designed for the
Professional Motocross rider and after
exhaustive testing believed to be the best
available. Use in conjunction with Rock Oil Foam
Air Filter Oil. Comes with a bucket.

hinta 32,50 € / 5lit




Rock Oil Synthesis XRP
Off Road 10W60
tuotenumero 058
hinta 18 € / 1lit


Rock Oil K2 plus 2-Stroke Racing oil 4
Tuotenumero: 001-4L (bensan joukkoon 2T)
K2 plus is a highly acclaimed synthetic 2 stroke pre-mix racing oil incorporating the most recent innovations in additive technology. K2 plus is manufactured using a unique low ash, clean burning formula which provides; -Maximum film and shear strength -Superb engine cleanliness -Significantly improved bore and piston ring life -Complete protection It is suitable for use with other synthetic or semi synthetic oils but must not be mixed with castor based oils or methanol fuels
hinta 45 € / 4 lit.       13 €/ 1 lit.


Factory foam kleen, 0,95 ml
Rock Oil Factory Foam Kleen is designed for the serious motocross rider and is to be used in conjunction with Factory Foam air filter oil. It is a superior high performance foam air filter cleaner.

The air filter should be soaked until all traces of old dirt / oil are removed, in extreme cases this may take more than one attempt. Rinse air filter under running tap until water flows clean. Allow to dry naturally. Re-oil using Rock Oil Factory Foam or Eco Foam air filter oil.
hinta 12 €

Rock Oil LGO, 030
(Lite Gear oil)  1 lit
Lite-vaihteistoöljy on ainutlaatuinen, kevyt, erittäin suorituskykyinen, synteettinen tehostettu voiteluaine,
jonka käyttö on suunniteltu
ensisijaisesti, kytkin ja vaihdelaatikon komponenttien korkeaan
iskunkestävyys ja optimaaliseen voiteluun.
Lite-vaihteistoöljy sopii sekä märälle että kuivalle kytkinjärjestelmälle. Se sopii kaikille
iirtojärjestelmille, joissa SAE 10w30 tai 10w40 suositellaan,
hinta 12 €

Rock Oil Suspension Fluid SVI 5  (009)
SVI Suspension Fluids are blended using technologically advanced synthetics
together with the very latest additive technology to improve foaming tendencies
and prolong seal life. Extremely high viscosity index to maintain damping at
elevated temperature whilst ensuring correct suspension operation at low temperatures.
Stable under pressure and are compatible with air, nitrogen or argon charged
suspension systems. Suitable for use in cartridge forks, in particular SVI 5. Should
the need for more precise damping be required SVI Suspension Fluids range
are all fully compatible with each other and will mix with ease.
Excellent anti-wear protection and a high resistance to water contamination and
degradation. Available in viscosity: 5, 7,5, 10, 15, 20 and 30
hinta 14 €
                   FORK OIL 2,5 W

Täyssynteettinen moottoriöljy
EXP Synthetic Ester Blend 4T Engine Oil ia a 4-stroke motrocycle oil
that combines the finest quality synthetic oils with select mineral base oils
ensuring the highest level of protection for all 4-strok

3601-0141/. 0142   10W-40 hinta 12,90€ /1lit   hinta 41€ /4lit  varasto 2 + 1
3601-0152/.-0153   10W-40 hinta 12,90€ /1lit   hinta 47€ /4lit
3601-0157/.-0158   15W-50
hinta 12,90€ /1lit   hinta 47€ /4lit

EXS Full Synthetic Ester 4T Engine Oil is a premium motorcycle oil
 that uses the finest quality synthetic hydrocarbon and ester base fluids
combined with unique Extreme Pressure, anti-wear additives and shear

3601-0159/.-160  5W-40  hinta 18,90€ /1lit hinta 68€ /4lit
3601-0145/.-146 10W-50 hinta 18,90€ /1lit hinta 68€ /4lit
3601-0332   10W40          hinta 18,90€ / 1lit



Gear Saver Transmission Oil is a gear oil that has been developed for the unique demands of all motorcycle transmissions equipped with wet clutches.  Bel-Ray Gear Saver Transmission Oil flows freely for better
3603-0017  80W (10W-40) 
hinta 13,50€  /1lit


(Bensan joukkoon)

H1-R Racing 100% Synthetic Ester 2T Engine Oil is the ultimate
2-stroke synthetic motorcycle racing oil formulated for all power valve 2-stroke engines.
Advanced 100% synthetic ester base oils cling to meta

3602-0052   hinta 9,50€ /355ml
3602-0051   hinta 31€ /1lit


Racing Full Synthetic Ester 4T moottoriöljy on 4-tahti synteettinen
Moottoripyörä öljy, joka on kehitetty kilpailu käyttöön ja on suunniteltu
kestämään kilpailuolosuhteissa
3601-0167  10W-50  hinta 17€ /1lit
3601-0168  10W-50
  hinta 62€ /4lit


Renthal Chainlube 250 ml
Renthal chain lube is 100% lubricant, zero propellant. So you only need a small bottle!
The lube is fully synthetic and is specially designed to penetrate all parts of the chain. High film strength and stable viscosity, across a range of temperatures, give superb adhesion and anti-fling properties. Renthal chain lube offers outstanding wear properties and maximum power transfer. It is completely safe for all o-ring and non o-ring chains
hinta 10 €
Filtterin pesuaine 1,7 kg
tarjoushinta 10 €




hinta 20


37040062  3.785 lit. hinta 38 €
990621      1 lit.      
hinta 12 €




Lubricinol Fortified
Anti-Foaming / Reduced Drag
36090001,  1 litra
hinta 12 €

MOTIP Chain Lube ketjurasva, 200ml
000216 yleiskäyttöön O-, X- ja Z-rengas ketjuille.
puhdistettavalle pinnalle ei jätä kalvoa.
hyvä tartunta ja pysyvyys ketjussa.
hinta 6,50 €
REPSOL Moto Chain ketjurasva, 400 ml
teflon 80073
hinta 10 €
SHELL Fully Synthetic motocycle oil 2T

hinta  11,90 € / 1 lit    Advence Ultra 2T
hinta  14,90 € / 1 lit    Advence Racing X, 2T
















































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