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Fighters Megamix
Front Cover Game Details
Platform Sega Saturn
Genre Fighting
Publisher Sega of America, Inc.
Developer Sega AM-2
Release Date 1997
Devices Gamepad
Links Amazon US
Personal Details
My Rating 7
Index 672
Collection Status In Collection
Original Yes
Purchase Price 9,00 €
Condition Fair
Current Value 9,00 €
Completed No
Version Original PAL
Complete? B (Manual friggin' gone)
Product Details
Format CD-Rom
UPC 010086810738
Region Europe
Audience Rating Teen
Language English
Nr of Disks 1
Virtua Fighter 2 was full of many brand new gameplay elements implemented into the realistic fighting engine of the first Virtua Fighter. The Virtua Fighter series has been heralded before as the fighting game with most involving gameplay.

In Fighters Megamix, another game has been added, a game called Fighting Vipers. Fighting Vipers has drastically different gameplay than the more popular Virtua Fighter 2. Instead of being sophisticated, Fighting Vipers is simplified to appeal to a wider audience of video gamers and was meant for "casual" gamers.

Mixing a simplistic video game and a sophisticated video game must have been difficult. But Fighters Megamix manages to do so by offering many options. The most important option available is the choice of having Fighters Megamix run under the Fighting Vipers style of gameplay or the Virtua Fighter 2 style of gameplay. Other options are unlockable while playing the game.

One good thing about mixing two games into one is that the game would include more selectable characters. Not only are there the 22 characters from Virtua Fighter 2 and Fighting Vipers but there are also 10 other hidden characters that can be unlocked by playing well in the Saturn version. There are only 4 characters from Virtua Fighter 2 and 4 from Fighting Vipers in the Game.Com version.

This game was one of the very last games to appear on the Sega Saturn in the United States and was directed by Yu Suzuki.