Sekayam, Kalimantan, Indonesian Borneo (page 3)

Some fishes we found hiding in the leaf litter:

Betta breviobesus

These Betta dimidiata are the form of the original description. The slightly less red and more long finned form is usually (still quite rarely) seen in the hobby. Almost all of them were found in the leaf litter. Betta dimidiata seems to be a common fish in middle Kapuas.

Acanthopsoides robertsi was very common in the tributary. It was a bit later when started looking 2-3 meters in front of me when walking in the river. I could see small clouds of very find sand appearing everywhere in front of me. It was the frightened Acanthopsoides disappearing in the sand! This species is A. gracilis in Robert's book.

Tiny and rare loach, Kottelatlimia katik.

The full list of fishes caught in this small tributary with dip and push nets:

Acanthopsoides robertsi
Betta breviobesus
Betta dimidiata
Clarias leiacanthus
Eirmotus octozona
Kottelatlimia katik
Leiocassis cf. micropogon
Mastacembelus notopthalmus

Nemacheilus kapuasensis
Nemacheilus selangoricus
Pamgio semicincta
Pangio shelfordii
Parambassis sp.
Pseudomystus sp.
Systomus anchisporus
Vaillantella euepiptera