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My name is Satu Lammi. My family includes me, my son and our 8 cats. We live in big house with our cats in a city called Pori. Pori lies at the west coast of finland and has about 76 000 inhabitants.

City of Pori, photo by Satu's brother Sami Lahtinen


Our house


I have been involved in a wonderfull world of cats with my husband Marko since 1990, when we bought our first sealpoint himalayan, Peppe (Avenida's Carlos Peppe).

We started out our own breeding 1996 with a name Wordsworth and we have delivered 10 litters ever since. We are specialized in colourpoints but we "by-product" colourpoint carriers too. We aren't so big cattery so we don't have many litters available per year.

Foundation to our breeding program has made our blue solid male, Taikatassun Moody Blue alias Muumi. In 1993 when we bought him, we already were thinking our own first female. We wanted to breed our own lines and get "our own look" colourpoints. Specially we were very interested to get lovely Sierra cattery lines to our future colourpoints pedigree. Nowdays you will find at our cats pedigrees Sierra, Jolee`s and our own lines with Sinihuiskan, Brigantina, Oakheaven, Whisperwood, Sandypaws.  It has been very important to us to have these lines to our breeding program and we respect these lines very highly. We have been very lucky to have these lines to work with. 

All our cats are very dear familymembers. After showing and breeding our "children" will spend their retairment days at home with us as long as they shall live.

All our breeding cats are healthy and tested with FELV, FIV, PKD DNA, microsporum canis.

Now I'm taking a break from breeding cats because changed life situation. I lost my dear husband, my soulmate and my son lost his father. Marko died in august 2008.



photos: Home album and photostudios; Harjavallan kuva, Helios, Pori, Åsa Petre and Marika Lahti



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