Doriann´s As Good As It Gets "Dexter"
CH Manoir´s Zoom To Wyomaers "Mauno"
CH Wyomaers All Or Nothing "Wille"
CH Wyomaers Bloody Bugbear "Kiusa"
CH Wyomaers Flying Dutchman "Robben"
Wyomaers Hunting On Catwalk "Morten"
CH Wyomaers I´m Cat Enough "Aslan"
CH Wyomaers Keep On Smiling Cat "Vihtori"
CH Wyomaers Lux Courageos "Urho"
CH Wyomaers Trump Up Cat "Tauno"
CH Wyomaers Oh No What a Man "Viggo"
CH Wyomaers Up Where We Belong "Jalmari"
CH Wyomaers Voice Of The Cat "Charlie"
CH Wyomaers Who Let The Dog Out "Mici"
Wyomaers Who Needs Brakes "Toomas"
Wyomaers You Crack Me Up "Antero"
Viljo, Tomppa, Ace & Kalle , our dear pets


CH Hardy-Flap´s Lime Sublime "Ruusu"
CH Jitterbop Code Name Pink "Jette"
Jitterbop I Don't Give A Damn "Iita"
CH Jitterbop Miss Wet T-Shirt "Tiia-Riina"
CH Jitterbop Moon Cat "Aamu"
CH Ladykiller´s Scandalous "Lempi"
Wyomaers As a Cat At Sugerin "Gilda"
Wyomaers Big Red Cat "Tellervo"
CH Wyomaers Bloody Scandalous "Vieno"
Wyomaers Cat Fight "Katti"
Wyomaers Ease Your Pain "Regina"
CH Wyomaers FC Scandal "Poppy"
Wyomaers Illegal Cat "Dotti"
CH Wyomaers Jit-R-Bop "Lotta"
CH Wyomaers Peeking At Sugerin "Gitta"
CH Wyomaers Quest For Fame "Aava"
Wyomaers Seek And Destroy "Sikke"
CH Wyomaers Untitled "Ursula"
Wyomaers Velvety Rhymes "Riimi"
CH Wyomaers Whatta Cat Draggd In "Tweety"
Wyomaers When The Cat´s Away "Moira"
Yoannewyn Chalet at Jitterbop "Anne"


CH Tallitontun Cherie "Elli"
CH Wyomaers Beauty Spot "Unna"