It´s been a busy spring in showrings all around the world!
Here is some of the news we have to share : )

Norrköping Sweden 3.5.-5.5.2017
Had a great weekend with friends. Always so much fun and can´t wait for our next trip : )
Thnak you so much <3
Moira (Wyomaers When The Cat´s Away) BOB & BOS & 2 x CC and 2 x CACIB
Dexter (Doriann´s As Good As It Gets) BOB & 2 x CC & CACIB
Tullamore (Wyomaers Ice Cube In Tullamore) BOB junior, BOS junior, res CC : )

Moira BOB (bos kamian here comes the hero)
Mr. Weng Woh Chan from Malaysia

Dexter BOB & Moira BOS
judge Mr. Åke Cronander from Sweden

Tullamore 14 months

Morten (Wyomers Hunting On Catwalk)
finished FI & S & LV CH titles!!
It has been a good spring for Tea and Morten - congrats!!

Morten 2 years old

Magnus (Wyomaers In Your Face) got couple new titles! He can add to his name
BALTJW-17 EEJW-17 EW-17 <3 he also won CC from Varkaus national
Big congrats Magge, Laura & Juuso : )

Magnus 12 months

Our kids Elina, Dexter (Doriann´s As Good As It Gets) and
big sis Moira (Wyomaers When The Cat´s Away)
had a super weekend 20-21.5!
Moira BOB, 2 x Cacib and 2 x CC
Dexter BOB, BOS, Cacib and 2 x CC

Helsinki - Moira BOB & Dexter BOS
judge Tiina Taulos, Finland

Sweeties after Helsinki show

Hamina - Dexter BOB & BOS Wyomaers Fox In The Box
Congrats Tiina : )
BM 3 Robben (Wyomaers Flying Dutchman)
BB 2 Moira
BB 3 Poppy (Wyomaers FC Scandal)

I get lovely news from Russia too : ) Gina (Wyomaers Invasion Scandalous To Yarika)
and Yaroslava are shining in showrings : )

Gina new junior champion

Gina winning BOB J & BOB & BIS JUNIOR & BIG : )

These lovely siblings are Kiira and Tullamore
(Wyomaers Ice Princess & Ice Cube In Tullamore)
They have been succesfull in showrings - winning BOB`s and CC´s
So proud of you! Congrats Simonida and Susanne <3

Kiira 14 months BIS junior and BIG!

Tullamore 14 months 

Little Sweety sisters Janna and Mira
Wyomaers Above And Beyond & W All Over The Place
have been starting their show carreers
great too! Both winning BOB puppies with great critics! Can´t wait to hear more news <3

Roskilde Denmark 29.-30.4.
What a freezing place! Well thankflully Moira got CACIB
otherwise nothing to remenber - quite the opposite
for example my car broke down - don´t get me started :D

My little sweetie Moira in Denmark

We made a lovely lovely trip to Japan 30.3-.10.4.
I could never tell you how much we saw and experienced THANKS to our super hoasts
Toshi and Meg with their family & friends <3
I got to meet our sweet little Monkey (Wyomaers Foreign Striker) "Vickie" again <3
We saw Tokyo, we saw hot springs, we saw Japan with tourist eyes
and also with locals who showed us the best restaurants and views of that amazing country
I totally fell in love <3
Can´t thank you enough!!!

AND sure we did some showing too : )
This gives me big smile everytime I look back : )
Vickie the little monkey took BOB and group third in TOKYO INT show!! What a proud moment!
Also her son Alen was reserve dog : )

Wyomaers Foreign Striker BOB with Elina

Gorgeous Tokyo

Amazing Cherry trees in blossom

End of the year 2016 was successful for our juniors!
Jyväskylä INT show - first day siblings Toomas (Wyomaers Who Needs Brakes) and Moira (Wyomaers When The Cat´s Away) were BOB and BOS!!!
Dexter (Doriann´s As Good As It Gets) BOB puppy : ) Judge Rafal First, thank you!
Second day Toomas was CC winner - congrats Sanna & Jenni : ) And Dex again BOB puppy.

Toomas & Moira

Dexter - Doriann´s As Good As It Gets 8 months old

Swedish Winner 2016 Moira the little brat surprised us all winning BOB!
She can add now titles SEJW-16 and SEW-16 front of her name : )

Moira and Elina- the winners : )

First show of 2017 (Turku IDS) was nice one too! We had many boys there all with excellent & cq critic!
Youngest of adults was BM3 with resCC - Dexter (Doriann´s As Good As It Gets)

Gina the Caramel won BOB puppy! She has won BOB everytime she´s been shown!
IDS ST.Petersburg Gina (Wyomaers Invasion Scandalous To Yarika) went all the way to BIS2 puppy!!
Morten (Wyomaers Hunting On Catwalk) won CACIB from from that show : )
Congrats Yaroslava and Tea!

Gina´s Brothers Kuzya and Magnus have been starting their shows also very well!
Both with BOB puppy winnings : )

This cutie is Wyomaers Ice Princess "Kiira" <3
She has BOB puppy BOB junior and BOB winnings from Serbia and Romania
Huge congrats Simi and Vuk : )

Year 2016 has been lovely and successful with a long summer break from showing and updating this site..

Here are some results from this year

We got five new Finnish Champions!!!!!

Wyomaers Whatta Cat Dragged In "Tweety" finished FI CH title and also got her "last" CACIB from The Nederlands <3

Wyomaers Who Let The Dog Out "Mici" and Wyomaers Fox In The Box "Sakke" both finished their FI CH titles with several other ch titles <3

Wyomaers Flying Dutchman "Robben" new FI & SE CH <3

Wyomaers FC Scandal "Poppy" also finished her EE, FI, RU and NO CH titles <3

Then we have two new CC winners -

Wyomaers Hunting On Catwalk "Morten". He also gained titles RU &EE JCH and RU CH <3

Wyomaers Who Needs Brakes "Toomas" started his show carreer winning BOB and CC <3

And from Puppy classes some nice news!

In age of 3,5 months Wyomaers Invasion Scandalous To Yarika did her depute with her loving owner Yaroslava and they won BIS BABY!!! <3

Wyomaers When The Cat´s Away "Moira" couple BOB puppies and group placement <3

Wyomaers As a Cat At Sugerin "Gilda" BOB puppy <3

And icing on the cake we got new family member and he has stolen our hearts at once! Beautiful loving gentle funny little boy Doriann´s As Good As It Gets. Thank You Michelle for trusting Dexter to us <3


Nordic Winner -15 Stockholm
Wuhuu whatta lovely day : ) Wyomaers Whatta Cat Draggd In BOS CC CACIB NORDW-15 : ) Wyomaers Flying Dutchman NORDJW-15 : )
W. Bloody Scandalous BB4 and W. Fox In The Box class 4th.
Judge Paola Watten Micara, Italy
But the biggest WUHUUU waited us end of the long day - our Breeders group BEST IN SHOW!!! I couldn´t be happier and prouder of my dogs and specially my gang - can´t thank you enough!!! Judge Tanya Ahlman-Stockmari - huge thank You!

Tweety NORDW-15

NORDJW-15 Robben

BIS Breeder <3

6.12.2015 Helsinki Winner Show.
Wyomaers Who Let The Dog Out BOS CC CACIB W-15 <3
W. Bloody Scandalous BB2 CACIB
Wyomaers Breeders Group BOB and we got shortlisted in group under very respected Finnish allrounder Mrs. Soile Bister - very proud of that.
Breed judge Mr. Anthony Moran

BOS W. Who Let The Dog Out <3 x BOB Jitterbop Payback Time

Mici, Robben, Vieno and Poppy

Jyväskylä INT Shows -
First day Wyomaers Bloody Scandalous "Vieno" BOB CACIB :)
BM2 res CC res cacib W Who Let The Dog Out "Mici", BM4 W Voice Of The Cat "Charlie". Robben, Sakke and Poppy also excellent. Judge Hans Van Den Berg.
Second day "Sakke" Wyomaers Fox In The Box BOS CC CACIB :)
BM3 Charlie, BB4 Vieno - others got excellent too : ) Judge Tamas Jakkel
Congrats everyone and thank you so much for your super work! <3

BOB Wyomaers Bloody Scandalous x BOS Sormusten Vuorikiipeilijä

BOB Diamella Involved In Crime x BOS Wyomaers Fox In The Box
21.11.2015 We got 5 precious little pups this morning <3 Parents are Mici and Lempi <3

8.11.2015 Helsinki PuppyShow - Morten BOB puppy :) Huge Congrats Tea and Morten! Judge Vesa Lehtonen

Tartu Estonia. First day my little sweetie pie Tweety BOB CC CACIB BIG3 <3
Second day Poppy (W. FC Scandal) BOS jun CC, she finished her junior title this weekend <3

W. Whatta Cat Dragged In

BOS W FC Scandal x BOB Sugerin Roayl Majesty
25.10.2015 Lahti puppy show - Morten (W. Hunting On Catwalk) BOB puppy! Well done Morten and Tea <3

24.10.2015 Mici BM 2 CC res cacib -> CACIB from Seinäjoki INT : ) Judge Ingrid Borchorst

18.10.2015 I got some super news from Japan! Vickie the little Monkey  (Wyomaers Foreign Striker) Winners bitch!!
Huge congrats to my Japanese family Toshi and Meg and of course little Monkey and her handler <3

Shopping & Showing in Latvia  - well shopping part was a hmm bit low but thankfully our results were super in showring :)
First day Vieno BOB CC BIG-2, Tweety BB2 RES CC and Robben BOS junior CC!!! Breeders Group BIS 2 :)
Second day Tweety BOB CC BIG-2, Vieno BB2 and Robben BOS CC :)
Judges were Nemanja Jovanovic and Bengt Åke Bogren

W Bloody Scandalous

Vieno, Tweety and Robben <3
3.10.2015 Harstad, Norway. Judge Juha Putkonen. "Poppy" W. FC Scandal BOS CC - well done baby girl : ) Charlie ch2 exc.

BOB Dexther Av Sytti Gr.Nord x BOS W. FC Scandal

5.9.2015 Mici (W. Who Let The Dog Out) bm2 CC at Vantaa national show. Judge Vesa Lehtonen.

4.9.2015 EDS Oslo Norway - Vieno (Wyomaers Bloody Scandalous) new NO CH : ) Robben (Wyomaers Flying Dutchman) junior third. Judge was from Spain, Carlos Fernandez Renau.

Nice show weekend once again : )

Tea travelled with Charlie and Ursula to Minsk Belarus- Charlie BOB BIG4 Belarus Champion and Belarus Winner : ) Ursula BB2 new Belarus Champion :)

Charlie and Ursula <3

Tervakoski INT show. Judge Uschi Eisner. Robben BOB CC and short listed in group : )

BOS Jitterbop Im a Monsterina x BOB Wyomaers Flying Dutchman

Kaivopuisto Specialty. Judge Vesa Lehtonen. Vieno (W. Bloody Scandalous) BOS!

BOB Jitterbop Clap Your Hands x BOS Vieno

Amazing show weekend all over -
In Finland Kiusa (w. bloody bugbear) BOB BIG3!

BOS Jitterbop I´m A Monsterina x BOB Wyomaers Bloody Bugbear

Rovaniemi group Show Tiina´s and Hanna´s Sakke (W. Fox In The Box) BOS CC : ) Congrats!!

Estonia Baltic Winner and group show, Robben (w.flying dutchman) won 2 junior cc´s finishing his EEJCH title. He also gained title BaltJw-15 : ) Mici (w who let the dog out) won 2 CC´s and CACIB! Girls also showed my breeders group winning BIS2!

Breeders group BIS2


Last but definitely not the least in Romania and Hungary Charlie (w. voice of the cat) and Ursula (w. untitled) finished their C.I.B titles and also Hungarian and Romanian CH titles! What a trip!!

Huge huge CONGRATS girls and of course even bigger thanks.

Travellers Charlie and Ursula

15.8.2015 Kotka INT show judge Pedro Sanches Delarue
My little angrybirdie Tweety BOB!!! : ) She also got CC and CACIB, so happy : ) BOS Wyomaers Bloody Bugbear, BB2 res Cacib W. Bloody Scandalous, BB3 res CC W. FC Scandal, BM3 res CC W. Flying Dutchan. I´m so happy for these results, super day with great friends in a beautiful show ground.
End of a day breeders group BIS4, Judge Noreen Harris

Tweety <3

BOS W. Bloody Bugbear x BOB W. Whatta Cat Dragged In

Breeders group BIS4
Joensuu INT show judge Carol Mulcahy Australia
Wyomaers Fox In The Box BOS & CC : )
W. Bloody Scandalous BB2 CACIB
W. Whatta Cat Dragged In Exc3 open class
W. Voice Of The Cat exc3 cq ch class
W. FC Scandal vg2 junior
Nice finishing for day - Breeders group BIS2 : ) Breeders Group judge Saija Juutilainen

BOB Diamella Zip Code To Topwhite x BOS Sakke

BIS 2 Breeders group

National Show judge Peter Harsanyi
BOS W. Bloody Scandalous
BB2 CC W. Whatta Cat Dragged In
BB3 res CC W. Fox In The Box
jun class 2 excl cq W. FC Scandal
Ch class 2 excl cq W. Voice Of The Cat
Breeders group BIS4 : ) judge Gian Battista Guffanti, Italy

BOB Ashmairs Here Come´s Sunshine x BOS Vieno

BIS 4 breeders
2.8.2015 Pori INT Show. Mici (w who let the dog out) won CC : ) Congrats Noora. Judge Siret Lepasaar.

1.8.2015 Iisalmi INT. "Vieno" Wyomaers Bloody Scandalous had a chance to finish her C.I.B. title exactly 1 year and 1 day after her first CACIB. And she did it : ) She was BOB and finished our day winning BIG 2!! So happy : )
breed judge Anca Giura from Romania and group judge Paavo Mattila from Finland : )

BOB Vieno x BOS Jitterbop Cheap Fun

Group second : )
Robben and Ursula traveled to Sweden with Maria and Pete- they were both days BOB and BOS!!! Robben got two CC´s and Ursula gained SE CH title and got CACIB! Great work!!!

W. Flying Dutchman BOB and W. Untitled BOS
judge Lee Cox from U.K.

BOB Robben x BOS Ursula, judge Gabriela Veiga, Spain

Ursula CACIB winner

12.7.2015 Laukaa - Ursula my friend BOS <3 Congrats Sanna and Ursis!! Judge Paul Lawless.
11.7.2015 Nastola group show. Hanne Laine Jensen from Denmark judged and gave our little Poppy BOS with CC : ) : ) BM2 her bro Robben with res CC. BB2 "Nuppu" Wyomaers Pose As Cat with resCC. Congrats girls!

Poppy CC winner and her happy co-owner Mia : )
5.7.2015 Tweety the little birdie BOS at Karjaa national : ) judge Annukka Paloheimo

BOB Ladykiller´s Absolut Scandal x Wyomaers Whatta Cat Dragged In
28.6.2015 Rantasalmi group show. Ursula (w. untitled) BOB Charlie (w. voice of the cat) BOS <3 Poppy (w. fc scandal ) bb 2 CC! and Sakke (fox in the box) bb 3 res CC! What a super day : ) Thanks and congrats! judge Anna-Liisa Heikkinen

Sakke, Poppy, Ursula and Charlie
27.6.2015 Piekämäki national
Vieno BOS, Mici bm4 res CC, Poppy bb4, Ursula exl 2 ch class and Saaga exl 3 junior. Breeders group BIS 2 <3 thanks again girls!
Breed judge Vesa Lehtonen, Breeders group judge Pirjo Aaltonen

BOB Diamella Youthful Superstar x Wyomaers Bloody Scandalous

BIS 2 breeders group
20.6.2015 Rovaniemi INT Show. Sakke (w. fox in the box) BOS & CC!! Congrats Tiina, Sakke & Hanna! Love it!! : )

14.6.2015 WDS 2015 Milan, Italy
Oh yes this lady did it again <3 And I mean miss Vieno this time not Eltsu ;)
Wyomaers Bloody Scandalous WW-15 : ) : ) Can´t stop smiling : )
Bro and sis Mici and Tweety both junior class second - or like some parts of this world would say "vice junior world winners" :D So very proud of my gang!
We also won BOB breeders group! Judge Catherine Lebret.
Big Congrats Eltsu and Vieno and Noora & Mici! Super job!
We had so much fun this weekend - thank you Eltsu and Päivi and all involved - can´t remember when I have been laughing this much!

Vieno WW-15 <3

Waiting for our flight

Beautiful route Geneva - Milan

13.6.2015 Heinäjoki group show - Charlie (W. Voice Of The Cat) new FI & RU CH and BOB!!! HUGE Congrats Tea and Charlie!!! : )
judge Tuire Okkola

7.6.2015 Mynämäki. "Sakke, Saaga, Suhari.." (w. fox in the box) - this little girl has got many names : ) took her first CC and was BOS!! Big Congrats Tiina and Hanna! : )
judge Åsa Andersson.
31.5.2015 Estonia Winner 2015 - junior siblings Robben and Poppy (w. flying dutchman & w. fc. scandal) did amazing job and took BOB & BOS!!! Robben also BIG 3!
Both gained titles EEJW-15 and EEW-15! Wow, well done kids and girls : )
Judge Lee Cox, UK.

24.5.2015 Hamina INT. Robben (wyomaers flying dutchman) won his first CC! :)
Judge Jari Partanen. Congrats Maria & Pete!!

16.5.2015 Varkaus INT Show.Judge Jose Vidal.
Tweety (Wyomaers Whatta Cat Draggd In) BB 2 CACIB! : ) Well done lil´birdie : )
Kiusa (W. Bloody Bugbear) CH class third with CQ and Poppy (W. FC Scandal) junior class second with excellent

14.5.2015 Valkeakoski group show - Vieno (W. Bloody Scandalous) BOB BIG 2! : )
Mici (W. Who Let The Dog Out) BOS CC : )

BOB Vieno and BOS Mici
2.5.2015 Pieksämäki group Show, judge Marja Talvitie.
BOB Kiusa (W. Bloody Bugbear) BM3 res CC Charlie (W. Voice Of The Cat) junior class winner with excellent Poppy (W. FC Scandal)
Congrats Sanna  : )
2 5.2015 Tampere INT Show. Judge Mario Knoll
Wyomaers Bloody Scandalous BOB CACIB
Wyomaers Whatta Cat Draggd In BB3 res CC
Wyomaers Flying Dutchman BM 3 res CC
Wyomaers Who Let The Dog Out exc 2

BOB Coquette Dig It! BOS Wyomaers Bloody Scandalous
12.4.2015 Tallinn Winner-15. Kiusa (W. Bloody Bugbear) finished EE CH and FI CH titles!! Little Poppy (W. FC Scandal) vice junior winner ;)
5.4.2015 Swedish Winner-15. Vieno can add SE W-15 to her titles : ) Also she got CACIB. Tweety was fourth in junior class.
HUGE thanks for everything Anneli and Micke, it was super nice weekend with you!! Can´t thank you enough : )

Vieno BOS and new SE W-15
21.3.2015 Lahti INT Show.
BOS Wyomaers Bloody Scandalous "Vieno".
BM 2 res CC, BOB junior "Mici" W. Who Let The Dog Out
BM 4 W. Flying Dutchman "Robben"
Open class 1 with cq W. Bloody Bugbear "Kiusa" and second with Excellent W. Voice Of The Cat "Charlie". judge Pirjo Aaltonen

BOS Vieno and BOB Jitterbop Clap Your Hands

Mici bob junior : )
14.3.2015 Bichon Frisé Specialty 2015 - we had several dogs with us, here is the highlights of the day
Vieno (W. Bloody Scandalous) BOS
Saga (W. Fox In The Box) BIS PUPPY
Robben (W. Flying Dutchman) BOS puppy
Others did well too : ) Big BIG Congrats to all involved and to judge Knut Sigurd Wilberg!!

BIS Ashmair Here Come´s Sunshine and BOS Vieno

BOS puppy Robben and BIS puppy Saga

Vieno winning BB
22.2.2015 Tuusniemi group show. Judge Inese Pablaka. Mici (Wyomaers Who Let The Dog Out) BOB and CC!! Huge thanks Grandma Laura ;)
Wyomaers Bloody Bugbear exc 1 in Open class.

Mici BOB and BOS Earth Sprites Something Special
15.2.2015 Tallinn, Estonia - Wyomaers Bloody Scandalous finished EE CH, FI CH, SE CH and DK CH titles : ) Also won CACIB! Congrats Vieno and Elina! Little Vickie was BOS puppy!
1.2.2015 Lahti group show. Judge Howard Ogden from U.K.
Wyomaers Untitled BOS and her daughter Wyomaers Whatta Cat Draggd In BB2 CC. Wyomaers Voice Of The Cat got VG.
Pups did super - Wyomaers Flying Dutchman BIS PUPPY : ) And his little sister Wyomaers Foreign Strikes BOS puppy!

BOS Ursula and BOB Diamella Youthful Superstar

BOS puppy Vickie and BOB puppy Robben

Robben BIS puppy :)
11.1.2015 Helsinki Puppy Show. Litter sisters Vickie and Robben BOB & BOS. Kids had fun in the showring : ) Judge Vesa Lehtonen.

BOS Wyomaers Flying Dutchman x BOB Wyomaers Foreign Striker
11.1.2015 Kajaani Int Show. Wyomaers Untitled "Ursula" BOS CACIB <3
Big Congrats Sanna <3

Ursula  x Yarika´s Bis Ness Man
14.12.2014 Swedish Winner -14. Mici (Wyomaers Who Let The Dog Out) won BOB CC titles SeJW-14 and SeW-14!!! So Happy for Mici and Noora : ) Well deserved win! 11 month old Mici also was BIG 4, wow!! Vieno was BB4 and Tweety second in Junior class. Judge Val Blore.

BOB BIG-4 Mici and Noora
7.12.2014 Winner -14 BOS CACIB WINNER-14 Ursula (w. untitled) <3 BB2 CC Vieno <3 And BB 4 JUN WINNER-14 Tweety <3 judge Barbara Woods

Ursula first, Vieno second and Tweety fourth.
6.12.2014 Helsinki Winner -14 My little sweet nasty funny girl Tweety surprised me and took titles HeJW-14 AND HeW-14 with her first CC!!
Ursula, Vieno, Mici, Jalmari, Kiusa and Blade did also excellent job : ) End of day Breeders group BIS 4!!! So proud of these dogs and their handlers&owners <3 breed judge Luigi Corna, Italy.

BOB Petit Ami´s Everlasting Love x BOS Wyomaers Whatta Cat Draggd In

Mici - Vieno - Ursula - Tweety
8.11.2014 Jyväskylä INT. Girls took triple win  : ) BOS CACIB Wyomaers Untitled "Ursula" BB2 CC Wyomaers Bloody Scandalous "Vieno" BB3 res cc Wyomaers Whatta Cat Draggd In "Tweety : ) Wyomaers Who Let The Dog Out "Mici" won junior class and Wyomaers Bloody Bugbear second with excellent in intermediate class. Super day got even better when Breeders group won BIS3!!! Huge thanks to Sanna, Elina and Noora and BIG congrats too : )

2.11.2014 Denmark Herning, Danish Winner -14. Vieno - Wyomaers Bloody Scandalous BOB CACIB CC and DANISH WINNER -14!!! AND Tweety - Wyomaers Whatta Cat Draggd In BB2 with title DANISH JUNIOR WINNER- 14!! Super results, thanks Elina and Thank Laura for taking my baby there : ) Judge Tiina Taulos.
7.9.2014 Wyomaers Up Where We Belong BIG 4 : ) Manoir´s Cutting Edge BM 2 and Wyomaers Xcuse Me exc 2 cq in junior class. Big Congrats Maria!! : ) Jalmari is <3 Judges Marja Kosonen & Tiina Taulos

Jalmari BIG 4
31.8.2014 Finnish ToyDog Specialty, Helsinki. Pups Mici (W. Who Let The Dog Out) and little sister Tweety (W. Whatta Cat Dragged In) did well and had fun : ) Mici BIS-2 puppy!!! So proud of him : ) Huge congrats Noora : ) And Tweety BOS!
Pretty little Vieno BOS and her brother Kiusa exc 2 cq in Intermediate class.
Congrats all : ) Judge Frode Jevne

Mici & Tweety <3

BOB Rahti Jitterboppi BOS W. Bloody Scandalous

Mici BIS 2 puppy <3

30.8.2014 Tervakoski INT Show. Vieno, Wyomaers Bloody Scandalous BOS CC CACIB : )
Ursula, Wyomaers Untitled BB 2 res Cacib! Well done little girls and Elina & Sanna : ) Boys Roope exc 3 junior, Kalle vg 4 junior and Blade exc 4 ch class.
Judge Lee Cox

BOB Rahti Jitterboppi & BOS Wyomaers Bloody Scandalous
World Dog Show -14 Helsinki, what a happy happy day!!!!! Vieno WW-14!!! Can´t believe this!! So happy : )  : ) HUGE congrats Elina & Vieno <3 <3 <3
Others did amazing job also. To mention something - Tweety BOS puppy, Kiusa class winner with res-CC, Charlie and Ursula second in their classes,  Jalmari third. Lovely day with lovely Bichons and Bichon loving people : ) 

WW-14 Wyomaers Bloody Scandalous

BOB puppy Petit Ami´s Perfect Is My Name x BOS puppy Wyomaers Whatta Cat Dragged In

SawoShow - three INT shows in most beautiful part of Finland ; ) Vieno did absolutely amazing in the ring! Three times BOB, twice group 2. and once group 3.!!! Friday W. Who Let The Dog Out BOB puppy Saturday his little sister W. Whatta Cat Dragged In : ) Blade (Manoir´s Trump Card) Friday BM 4 and Saturday BM 2 with CC! He is now also FI CH!! : ) So happy!!
Thank You so much girls for nice weekend and CONGRATS to everyone!!

BOB Vieno x BOS every day Jitterbop Spoiled By Sugerin, Piina <3
judge Ricky Lochs-Romans

Friday Group 2 : ) Group judge Anne-Mari Haugsten.

Saturday BOB puppy Tweety - BOB Vieno - BM 2 CC NEW CH Blade : )
judge Anne-Mari Haugsten

Saturday Group 2, judge Dirk Spruyt

Sunday BOB Vieno x BOS Piina : ) judge Tuula Plathan

Sunday BIG 3 judge Ricky Lochs-Romans
Estonia, Tartu and Pölva national shows. Our sweetest guest Blade both days BOS - New EE CH : )
Vieno (W. Bloody Scandalous) had super weekend, she was in fire! Boths days BOB - Group first and second - BIS 4 and BIS-Junior!! So very good job for this youngster!! Congrats Elina & Vieno!

Vieno BIS Junior

Tired travellers Blade and Vieno
Sweden, Köping INT and Askersund INT - Wyomaers Up Where We Belong gained his C.I.B title!! : ) He was first day BOB and second BOS! Huge Congrats and BIG Thanks to Jalmari´s folks : )

Jalmari & Maria
19.7.2014 Ristiina national, judge Paavo Mattila. Ursula (W. Untitled) BOS!! : ) Nuppu (W. Pose As Cat) excellent 3.
12.7.2014 Luumäki puppy Show. Funny Little boy Mici (W. Who Let The Dogs Out) BOB and BIG-2!! Well done you two - Mici and co-owner Noora! : )

6.7.2014 Juva national. Hanne Laine Jensen judged our breed. Ursula - sweetest little girl finished her FI CH title <3 Voice Of The Cat and Pose As Cat both excellent 2. Congrats Sanna and Ursula : )
1.7.2014 Here is our quest star Blade - Manoir´s Cutting Edge from U.K - So very excited to have him here : ) BIG thank you to Pauline for giving us this opportunity!! : )

St.Petersburg White Night International Shows. Very very happy indeed to tell that Gitta (Wyomaers Peeking At Sugerin) finished her C.I.B. title!!! <3 Love that little girl <3 She also gained RU CH title. And that´s not all - her son Wyomaers Voice Of The Cat won two CACIB´S and two CC´s : )
Huge congrats to Sanna & Tea!!! : )

Mother and son <3
21.6.2014 Rovaniemi INT. Judge Zlatko Jojic. Wyomaers Bloody Bugbear won BOB with CACIB and CC AND finished his day winning group second! : ) Proud of this boy! Congrats Sanna!!

20.6.2014 Ladykiller´s Scandalous and Charmandelan Master Of Arts got 6 beautiful puppies <3

17.5.2014 Riihimäki group show - BOB Wyomaers Up Where We Belong and BM2 CC Wyomaers Voice Of The Cat <3 well done boys and of course girls too ; ) Judge Roger Vanhoenacker

BOB Jalmari BOS Chic Choix Diamella La Fayette

Charlie CC : )
27.4.2014 Lahti INT Show. Wyomaers Bloody Bugbear and his sister who was BOB junior, Wyomaers Bloody Scandalous : ) Both also CC winners of the day : )

21.4.2014 Imatra INT Show. Siblings Kiusa and Vieno surprised me totally by winning BOB and BOS! : ) So proud of these youngsters and so very grateful they are in such a good hands. <3 Judge Nemanja Jovanovic.

BOB Kiusa with his owner Sanna and BOS Vieno & Eltsu : )

13.4.2014 Tallinn Winner-2014. Kiusa (W.Bloody Bugbear) won two titles- TLNW-14 & TLNJW-14 - and BOB under judge Shaun Watson! His mom Lempi (Ladykiller´s Scandalous) was BOS with TLNW-14 and EE CH titles : )
Here is mother and her kids Kiusa and Vieno relaxing <3



Bichon Frisé specialty Kouvola. What a great day! Jalmari (W. Up Where We Belong) had his second birthday and gave us all amazing gift winning his last CC! He finished FI & SE CH titles - so happy for him and Maria & Pete!!
Wyomaers Bloody Scandalous "Vieno" won res-cc.
And our breeders group was BIS - thanks to my puppy owners!

New Champion Jalmari

Vieno who won res-cc

W. Bloody Scandalous - Up Where We Belong -
Voice Of The Cat and Keep On Smiling Cat



Eno, judge Markku Kipinä. Charlie (W. Voice Of The Cat) placed Group 4 and gor his first CC!! Superrr Tea & Charlie <3



Jyväskylä Int Show. Johan Juslin judged Bichons and gave W. Bloody Scandalous BOS with CC : ) W. Up Where We Belong was BM2 after C.I.B Rahti Jitterboppi so Jalmari got CACIB : )

BOB Rahti Jitterboppi & BOS Wyomaers Bloody Scandalous





been a while since the last update! I will try to be better now on.. 2013 was an amazing year, here's the summary!
Aava (Wyomaers Quest For Fame) finished her champion titles of 5 countries, she also finished her C.I.B title at the European Winner show by winning CACIB and the EUW-13 title!! Aava's "little sister" Vieno (W. Bloody Scandalous) started her show career last year by winning 3 junior winner titles and also winning 2 CC's from Sweden and Finland! Vieno's sister Ronda (W. Rendezvous Via Manoir had a flying start as well in England and Europe. Our super siblings Jalmari (W. Up Where we Belong) and Ursula (W. Untitled) won several CC's and CACIB's during the show year and Aslan (W. I'm Cat Enough) finished her champion titles of Finland, Russia and Belarus.
And much more, here´s just part of it.
Huge thanks goes to my puppy owners! Can´t thank you enough <3


12.11.2012 Gitta (Wyomaers Peeking At Sugerin) got pups! Proud father is Jitterbop Bloody Nightmare "Tuska" : )

Gitta´s 2 boys and 3 girls

16.6.2012 Kotka INT show. Sanna showed "Gitta" Wyomaers Peeking At Sugerin and was she showing her every little move she can do : ) She was BB2 and got CACIB!!! Congrats!!

10.6.2012 Salo. Johnny - Tejada On Stranger Tides BOB-puppy : ) Congrats Tea!


Sweden, Norrköping. Elina, Maria & Pete showd our dogs "Vihtori" W. Keep On Smiling Cat & "Aava" W. Quest For Fame in Sweden.
Saturday Aava BOS & CC - BIS-3 Intermediate, Vihtori BM 2.
Sunday Aava BOB & CC - BIG2 : ) AND Vihtori BOS & CC => new SE CH!!!
Congratulations girls & Pete and BIG thanks!!!


Vihtori SE CH

Vihtori & Aava <3

Aava BIG-2 : )

Sweden, Vallentuna INT & Österbybruk INT. We travelled with Sanna, Lempi, Tuska and Piina to Sweden, and was it worth all that traveling and draging everything from hotel to other.. Oh YES : ) Both days we took it all!! Tuska won BOB both days - Piina BM 2 both days and Lempi BOS both days!!! 4 x CACIB and 4 x CC`s : )
We had such a great time as always, thanks Sanna & boys!!!

Vallentuna BOB & BOS

Österbybruk BOB & BOS


Tuska, Lempi and Piina

Our little bigs Lempi, Tuska and Piina <3

20.5.2012 Riihimäki group show. Our little funny girl Gitta - W. Peeking At Sugerin won bitches!!! Sooo proud of her! Thank you so much Sanna! : )


18.5.2012 Helsinki group show. Päivi Eerola judged Bichons and Aava - W. Quest For Fame won BOB!!! Well done Elina & Aava!!

BOS Jitterbop Spoiled By Sugerin x BOB Wyomaers Quest For Fame

13.5.2012 Hamina INT Show. Lempi and Aava did it! Lempi won bitches - took CACIB and gained C.I.B title!!! Aava was BB2 and took CC - this is her third!
So very cold day but sooo worth it : ) Thanks Elina!!

Happy Lempi <3

BOB Jitterbop Check Please x BOS Ladykiller´s Scandalous
12.5.2012 Tampere INT Show. "Aava" Wyomaers Quest For Fame took CC! She was BB2.

Aava 15 months

3.3.2012 Eno group show. "Lempi" Ladykiller´s Scandalous got CC and is now FI & RU CH! : ) Thanks Hanna for this super cute little girl and for cool company : )

18.2.2012 Wyomaers Oh No What a Man "Viggo" finshed his RU CH & FI CH titles!!!
BIG Congratulations and even BIGGER THANKS Tea & Viggo : )


11.2.2012 St.Petersburg INT Show. Lempi - Ladykiller´s Scandalous won CC & CACIB! Viggo - Wyomaers Oh No What a Man won CC!
Thanks for company and specially for organizing this trip Anne & Tea! We had a great time : )

19.11.2011 Jyväskylä INT Show. "Aava" Wyomaers Quest For Fame had her first official show and did she surprise us! She won CC!!! She was BB2. BIG Congratulations and Thanks Elina! Viggo was BM4 with CC - this is his 11th! "Lempi" Ladykiller´s Scandalous res-cc.

Aava 10 months

5.11.2011 Tartu, Estonia. Arne Foss judged Bichons. Wyomaers Keep On Smiling Cat "Vihtori" won BOB! He got CACIB and gained his C.I.B. title!!! We are very very happy : ) I have to thank Vihtori´s co-owners for excellent work they do with him! It´s easy to show a dog who is taken care perfectly! : ) He also became Estonian CH and was group 4!
And thanks girls Päivi & Hanna, weekend was sooo nice : ) And congrats to you both also!


Vihtori - Salsa - Miisa
11.9.2011 Raisio group show. Wyomaers Lux Courageos "Urho" BM2 and CC!!! Congrats Maija! Viggo BM4 res-cc. Aslan Open third excellent and ck.
Judge was Diane Degryze.

Urho with his owner Maija
11.9.2011 Porvoo. Judge Marlene Sheppard. Jette BOS!
10.9.2011 Helsinki group show. Wyomaers Oh No What a Man "Viggo" won CC! He was BM2. Wyomaers Lux Courageos "Urho" BM3 with res-cc. Gitta BB2 with res-cc!!
Thanks Jaana for all your help!

2.9.2011 Leeuwarden Holland. Jette won BOB with CC at CC show. Judge was Paula Heikkinen-Lehkonen.
At Euro Dog Show Jette got res-cacib.
Jitterbop Bloody Nightmare "Tuska" who is our Lotta´s son, won title EUROPIAN WINNER-11 and BOB and also gained his C.I.B title! Well done Sanna & Tuska : )

27.8.2011 Tervakoski INT. Judge Steven Seymour. Vihtori BM2 with CACIB. Viggo intermediate second with exc & ck. Aslan open second with exc & ck. Gitta junior 1 with exc & ck.
13.8.2011 Valkeakoski. JudgeTarmo Viirtelä. Jitterbop Code Name Pink "Jette" BOS! Viggo BM3 res-cc.
5.8. 2011 Druskininkai, Lithuania. Wyomaers Keep On Smiling Cat "Vihtori" won BOB, CACIB and became Lithuanian CH : ) Judge was Mrs. K. Butrimova.


Päivi with dogs at Vilnius.
24.7.2011 Helsinki INT Show. Harri Lehkonen judged, Vihtori was BOB with CACIB! Viggo BM4 res-cc. Aslan open 1 exc, ck. Gitta junior 1 exc.
2.7. 2011 Tuusula. Viggo bm 3 RES-CC. Vihtori BM4. Gitta junior class second with excellent. Judge Marja Kosonen.
19.6.2011 Riihimäki. Wyomaers Keep On Smiling Cat "Vihtori" BM 2 with CC - new CH!!!
Wyomaers Oh No What a Man "Viggo" BM 3 res-cc. Wyomaers I´m Cat  Enough "Aslan" exc2 ck in open class.
Judge Maija Mäkinen.

Vihtori new champion : )

18.6.2011 Kotka INT. Ladykiller´s Scandalous "Lempi" BOS with CC and CACIB!
Judge Rune Lysgaad from Norway.

Jitterbop Check Please BOB x Ladykiller´s Scandalous BOS

28.5.2011 Stockholm INT, Vallentuna Sweden. Jitterbop Code Name Pink "Jette" won the breed and is now SE CH and new C.I.B!!!
Judge Bengt-Åke Bogren from Sweden.

New International Champions
Sugerin Me Me And Still Me x Jitterbop Code Name Pink

21.5.2011 Aptus Show Helsinki. "Viggo" Wyomaers Oh No What a Man was BIS 2 junior : ) Vihtori BM2. Jette BB3 and Lempi BB4.

30.4.2011 ST. Petersburg int, Russia. Wyomaers Keep On Smiling Cat "Vihtori" BOB CC & CACIB!

25.4.2011 Lappeenranta INT. Wyomaers Pose As Cat "Nuppu" BOB-puppy! Lempi BB 4 with res-cc and Viggo (W. Oh No What a Man) BM 4.
23.4.2011 Lahti INT. Jette (Jitterbop Code Name Pink) BOS with CACIB. Vihtori (W. Keep On Smiling Cat) res-cc.

BOB Keymaker´s You Rock My World x BOS Jitterbop Code Name Pink
12.2.2011 Tallinn INT, Estonia. Lempi (Ladykiller´s Scandalous) BOS with CC & CACIB

BOB Jitterbop Check Please x BOS Ladykiller´s Scandalous
Judge Britta Roos-Börjeson, Sweden.
12.12.2010 Winner 2010 Helsinki. Lempi won JW-10 title!!! and was BB3 : ) Jette was BB2. Vihtori BM3 and Viggo got g.

HeJW-10 JW-10 Ladykiller´s Scandalous.
11.12.2010 Helsinki Winner Show. Jette BOS with CACIB and new title HeW-10 : ) Lempi won junior class and got title HeJW-10! Lempi also got CC. Vihtori was BM3 and Viggo got vg. Judge David Allan.

BOB Jitterbop Devil Is a Loser x BOS Jitterbop Code Name Pink

13.11.2010 Jyväskylä INT. Jitterbop Code Name Pink "Jette" BOB with CACIB. Viggo exc2.
Judge Dan Ericsson.

BOS Jitterbop Devil Is a Loser x BOB Jitterbop Code Name Pink.

6.11.2010 Tarto Estonia INT SHOW. JETTE WON BEST IN SHOW!!! She also is new Estonian CH and got CACIB.

Jette BIS - Judge Gerard Hickey. Breed and Group judge Stephen Young.
31.10.2010 Lahti INT. Wim Wellens judged Bichons. Jette BOB with CACIB, Vihtori BOS with CC and CACIB : ) Viggo exc1 and Helka exc3.

BOB Jitterbop Code Name Pink x BOS Wyomaers Keep On Smiling Cat
24.10.2010 Seinäjoki INT. Jette (Jitterbop Code Name Pink) won BOB and CC & CACIB. She is now new CHAMPION : ) Viggo and Helka (Wyomaers Looks Like a Lady) both exc2. Judge Paavo Mattila.

BOS Jitterbop Devil Is a Loser x BOB Jitterbop Code Name Pink
11.9.2010 Porvoo. Giuseppe Biasiolo judged. Vihtori BM3 and Lempi BB4.
4.9.2010 Helsinki. Ladykiller´s Scandalous BOS with CC and Jitterbop Code Name Pink BB2!
Wyomaers Keep On Smiling Cat BM2 with CC and Wyomaers I´m Cat Enough BM4!
Wyomaers Oh No What a Man BOB-puppy.
BOB Diamella Iron Maiden. Judge was Torbjörn Skaar from Sweden.


Toy Dog Specialty Helsinki.
Wyomaers Keep On Smiling Cat BOS with CC!
Ladykiller´s Scandalous BB4. Judge was Tom Mather.
BOB - new CH Leaflet´s The Catwoman sired by Wyomaers Trump Up Cat : )
Congratulations to the breeder and owners!



Tervakoski INT Show. Ana Mesto Martin judged Bichons. Wyomaers Oh No What a Man was BOB-puppy and Jitterbop Code Name Pink BOS with CC & Cacib!! Wyomaers I´m Cat Enough exc3.
BOB Jitterbop Check Please.

BOB- & BOS-puppy


21.8.2010 Kouvola. Jette was BOS with CC!! Vihtori BM2 with CC! Lempi exc2 in junior class. Viggo BOS-puppy and Aslan exc2 in Open class. Judge Unto Timonen.
BOB Sugerin Me Me And Still Me.



Sawo Show. On Sunday Åke Cronander from Sweden judged our breed. Lempi (Ladykiller´s Scandalous) was BOS with CC And Jette (Jitterbop Code Name Pink) BB2 with Cacib!!
BOB Jitterbop Bloody Nightmare a.k.a. Lotta´s Tuska : )

1.8.2010 National Specialty Lahti. This is one day in my life I will never ever forget..

BIS PROGENY GROUP - WYOMAERS JIT-R-BOP "Lotta" (sire Petit Ami´s Love-Me-Not-Leav-Me)
Wyomaers Lux Courageos exc-2 "Urho"
Wyomaers I´m Cat Enough vg-3 "Aslan"

My humble thanks to Jaana, Hanna, Maria, Pete, Tea, Maija, Sanna, Wivi and all Lotta´s puppy owners for all your help and support. This just isn´t possible without friends and excellent dogs!

Judge was Mr. Harry Tast from Finland.

BIS Jitterbop Code Name Pink & BOS Wyomaers Keep On Smiling Cat

BIS PUPPY Wyomaers Oh No What a Man

At the same time Helka (W. Looks Like a Lady) finished her EE JCH-title!!! Congratulations Tuija and Jutta and most of all - Thanks!!!


24.7.2010 Helsinki. Judge Marie Hogarty from Ireland.
Vihtori (W. Keep On Smiling Cat) BOB & CC BOB-JUN- BIG-4 !!!!!
Lempi (Ladykiller´s Scandalous) was BOS & CC!!
Jette (Jitterbop Code Name Pink) exc 2
Congratulations Vihtori´s folks!
Thanks Sanna & Maija for help with handling

BOB Wyomaers Keep On Smiling Cat & BOS Ladykiller´s Scandalous

BIG-4 Vihtori

18.7.2010 Mäntsälä. Lempi keeps on going.. Now she was BOS - BOB-JUN with CC!
Vihtori (Wyomaers Keep On Smiling Cat) BM 3
BOB Lotta´s Tuska :)
Judge Yvonne Cannon from Ireland

BOS Ladykiller´s Scandalous & BOB Jitterbop Bloody Nightmare

17.7.2010 Lammi group Show. Irina Poletaeva judged and gave our Lempi BOB with CC! His brother Ladykiller´s Super Natural was BOS. Vihtori vg 2.

BOS Ladykiller´s Super Natural & BOB Ladykiller´s Scandalous

11.7.2010 Karjaa. Lempi´s first show in junior class - and she began her show career with style:) Lempi (Ladykiller´s Scandalous) BOB with CC!!!
Wyomaers Lux Courageos exc 3 BM4
Wyomaers I´m Cat Enough vg 2
Wyomaers Looks Like a Lady vg 3
Judge Veli-Pekka Kumpumäki

BOS Charmandelan Faust For Fun & BOB Ladykiller´s Scandalous

20.6.2010 Helsinki Puppy Show.
Ladykiller´s Scandalous BOB BIG-4 and Wyomaers Oh No What a Man BOS

Bos Viggo with her co-owner Tea and BOB Lempi

Lempi BIG-4

19.6.2010 Kotka INT Show.
Jette (Jitterbop Code Name Pink) BOS with CC & CACIB.
Vihtori (W. Keep On Smiling Cat) Exc 3 junior class
Aslan (W. I´m Cat Enough) Exc 1 intermediate class
Judge Marjatta Pylvänäinen-Suorsa

13.6.2010 Vantaa group Show. Vihtori won his first CC!!! He was BM2! Judge Hans Lehtinen.
Congratulations and Thanks Maria & Pete and Thanks Jaana for help!!

13.6.2010 Orivesi. Aslan BM-4! Judge was from Uruguay, Sergio Pizzorno. (Lotta´s son Tuska was BOB) :)

30.5.2010 Joensuu INT. Lempi BOB-puppy:) Jette BB-2 with res-cc and res-cacib. Aslan Exc-2. Judge was Tanya Ahlman-Stockmari.

29.5.2010 Joensuu. Lempi (Ladykiller´s Scandalous) was BOB-puppy! Jette BOB!! And Aslan Exc-2! Judge was Paavo Mattila.

BOS GloryB´s Dragon King x BOB Jitterbop Code Name Pink


Lempi 8 months

22.5.2010 Helsinki INT. Andreas Schemel judged. Vihtori (W. Keep On Smiling Cat) was BM3 with res-cc!! And Urho (W. Lux Courageos) BM4! Jette (Jitterbop Code Name Pink) was BOS with CC and CACIB!!!


16.5.2010 Lappeenranta. Aslan was BM3!! Dotti got vg and was second in her class. Marja Talvitie judged.
15.5.2010 Mynämäki. Wyomaers Looks Like a Lady "Helka" vg-3. Judge Marit Sunde.
13.5.2010 Kangasniemi. Dotti vg-4, Aslan Exc-2 and Urho Exc-2!
Lahti INT Show. JETTE BEST IN SHOW!!! Kari Järvinen judged breed and Group - Tapio Eerola was BIS judge. This is just absolutely fantastic!!! There´s no words strong enough to describe this feeling! Thank You so much judges and Jaana and all of you who helped us and was there to cheering us all the way to BIS!
Wyomaers Keep On Smiling Cat was second in junior class with exc and Wyomaers Lux Courageos exc 4! Junior Class winner was Jitterbop Bloody Nightmare, Lotta´s son.

© Maria Paalanen
BOS Charmandelan Faust For Fun x BOB Jitterbop Code Name Pink

© Maria Paalanen
Jette winning BIG!

© Maria Paalanen

11.04.2010 Kankaanpää. Wyomaers Looks Like a Lady was BB2 with res-CC! Wyomaers Lux Courageos exc 3 and Wyomaers I´m Cat Enough vg 2. Judge Harto Stockmari. Thanks girls!
05.04.2010 Lappeenranta. Tuula Plathan judged Bichons and Wyomaers Lux Courageos "Urho" made his deput. And what a day he had!!! Urho was BOB with CC and finished his day being BIG-3!!!
Thank you so much Maija and family Salmijärvi and congratulations! This is just amazing!

BOB Wyomaers Lux Courageos & BOS Thujaville´s Dear Dear Fool
Photo © Maria Paalanen
28.03.2010 Helsinki Puppy Show. Our happy little lively "Lempi" Ladykiller´s Scandalous was BOB-puppy!!! :)
Thanks for photo family Eteläniemi and Congratulations for Lempi´s Jerry brother´s BOS!

BOB Ladykiller´s Scandalous & BOS Ladykiller´s Super Natural
Photo © Maria Paalanen

Lempi 6 months old.
21.03.2010 Russia. Lola, Wyomaers Locks Like An Angel finished her Russian Junior CH title! Congratulations Elena and Thank You!

Lola 11 months.
20.03.2010 Tampere INT. Vihtori was second in junior class with excellent. Jette BOS with CACIB and CC:)

BOB, BIG3 Jitterbop Devil Is a Loser x BOS Jitterbop Code Name Pink
15.02.2010 Tallinn, Estonia. Wyomaers Looks Like a Lady was BOS-junior with Junior-CC! Thanks Tuija & Jutta!:)

BOB junior Jitterbop Bloody Nightmare (Lotta´s son) x BOS jun Wyomaers Looks Like a Lady
23.01.2010 Turku INT Show. Tino Pehar from Kroatia judged Bichons. Vihtori had his first official show and he started well! He won junior class and was BM4! Helka, Wyomaers Looks Like a Lady (Petit Ami´s Kiss And Tell x Hardy-Flap´s Lime Sublime) started really well and was 4th in junior class with excellent! And our Jette, who just turned 15 months and was shown in intermediate class, she was BOS with CC & CACIB!!! What a girl you are! Congartulations to Jette´s brother Hemmo who was BOB:)

BOS Jitterbop Code Name Pink "Jette" & BOB Jitterbop Check Please "Hemmo"
Photo © Maria Paalanen

Vihtori 9 months
Photo © Maria Paalanen
10.01.2010 Kajaani INT. Jette was BB2 - with res-cc. Judge was Manola Poggesi from Italy. Thanks for nice company girls!

Photo © Maria Paalanen
Winner & Nordic Winner Shows at Helsinki. Saturday´s judge was Alan Bendelow from Great Britain and Sunday´s from Japan Chie Ejima. Jette is new JW-09 & NORDJW-09!!! On Sunday she was BB4 and got CC:)
Aslan got excellent both days!

Junior Winners Jitterbop Code Name Pink & Jitterbop Check Please
Photo © Maria Paalanen

Jette moving
Photo © Maria Paalanen
5.12.2009 Helsinki Puppyshow. Vihtori was BOS:)

BOB Whoopdiel I Glitter´n Shine & BOS Wyomaers Keep On Smiling Cat
1.12.2009 Welcome Lempi:) Ladykiller´s Scandalous. Thanks Hanna:)

Lempi 9 weeks.
22.11.2009 Jyväskylä INT-Show. Noreen Harris from Australia judged Bichons. Jette was BB2 with res-cc!
Lotta traveled all the way to Belarus - and it was worth it! Saturday she was BOS and got CC and CACIB! She became Belarus CH!:) On Sunday she was BOB & BIG4! And got CACIB.
Thank you Riitta for taking good care of her and handling her!
8.11.2009 Helsinki Puppyshow. Urho won BOB!!! Judge Tuula Plathan.
25.10.2009 Lahti, Puppyshow. Ruusu´s and Dimmu´s pups Urho (W. Lux Courageos) and Helka (W. Looks Like a Lady) took part to their first puppyshow. Urho won Baby class and was BM2! Helka was third in Baby class. Well done kids! Judge was Marja Kurittu. BOB was our Lotta´s Tuska - Congrats!


20.9.2009 Tampere group show. Judge was Iuza Beradze from Georgia. Aslan was BM3! Girls - Dotti excellent in junior class. Tellervo excellent 3 in intermediate and Regina excellent 4 in open class. Thanks girls for nice weekend! Even if Tea should be more technical:)
13.9.2009 This time Aslan and Jette took part to Porvoo show. Judge was Harri Lehkonen. Aslan had same results than y-day, BM4! He has been showing very well! Wyomaers Big Red Cat won her class with excellent. Jette was BB2. At this show Royal Canin had junior competition. Jette was BOB-junior and Aslan BOS-junior. At the end of the day... our little devil Jette was BIS-junior!:)) Johan Juslin judged juniors.

Jette BIS-junior

Aslan 11 months

12.9.2009 Helsinki. Tiina Taulos judged. Jette was second in junior class with excellent. And Aslan won junior classa and also was BM 4!

30.8.2009 Finnish Toy Dog Association Specialty at Helsinki. Mr. Hans Lehtinen judged Bichons. Our little boy Vihtori (Wyomaers Keep On Smiling Cat) was at his first show. First he won Baby-class, then male pups and eventually he was BOB-puppy!:) He was just 5 months and 1 day old. Thank you so much Maria and Pete for taking so good care of this special little boy:)
Then it was adults. Jette was shown by her co-owner/breeder Jaana and they did great, Jette was BOS again with her 4th CC! Thanks Jaana!

BOB puppy Wyomaers Keep On Smiling Cat & BOS puppy Sugerin Lady Like Mom

BOB Sormusten Sademies & BOS Jitterbop Code Name Pink

29.8.2009 Tervakoski. Aslan and Dotti both got vg, they were too light in body to Juha Putkonen.
23.8.2009 Zeljko Gajic from Slovenia judged at Heinola. Aslan was second in his class with Excellent! And Jette was BOS:)! She got her third CC. BOB was "Morris" Sugerin Me Me And Still Me, congratulations!

BOB Sugerin Me Me And Still Me & BOS Jitterbop Code Name Pink

22.8.2009 Aslan & Dotti took part to Kouvola Show. Aslan won juniors with Excellent and Dotti was 4th in junior class with Excellent. Judge was Marja Kosonen. Again well done girls! And thank Maija, again..:)
9.8.2009 Turku. Alfredo Alessandri from Italy judged Bichons. Jette was BB3 with res-cc.
Friday Bichon Frisé Specialty judge Bill Lee from U.S.A
JETTE WAS BOS!!! Jette was just few days over 9 months and took her first CC!
Aslan got VG what actually was pretty well done that day:)

BIS Diamella Iron Maiden & BOS Jitterbop Code Name Pink

Saturday Oulu INT. Markku Kipinä judged juniors and Miklos Levente others. Jette was BB3 just after her mom Jitterbop Pin Code. Jette got her second CC:) Aslan was third in junior class with Excellent.

Sunday Oulu INT. Jette won junior class with Excellent. Judge was Gunther Ehrenreich.

5.7.2009 Hyvinkää. Markku Kipinä gave Jette BOB puppy! BOS puppy was Jette´s brother Kaapo. Dotti was 3rd in jun class with excellent and Aslan BM 4!!.

BOB Puppy Jitterbop Code Name Pink & BOS Jitterbop Case Closed

4.7.2009 Marja Talvitie judged Bichons. Jette was BOB puppy! Dotti and Aslan were first time in junior class. Dotti was 4th in junior class with excellent and Aslan third in junior class with vg.

Jette BOB puppy

Helsinki. Saturday Annukka Paloheimo judged pups at Ladys Kennel Club Show. Aslan was BOB puppy and Dotti BOS!
Karin Bernardis judged adults and Lotta was BB 2.
On Sunday Paula Valakari judged at Helsinki Puppy-Show and now it was Dotti´s turn to be BOB and Aslan was BOS. Dotti also was BIG 4!! Congrats to everyone for really good weekend!:) And Thanks!

BOB Dotti & BOS Aslan with their proud "moms":)


21.05.2009 Jämsänkoski Group Show. Lotta was second in CH-class with excellent. Judge was Juha Putkonen.
21.05.2009 Lappeenranta Puppy Show. Eeva Resko gave Aslan (Wyomaers I´m Cat Enough) BOB and Dotti (Wyomaers Illegal Cat)  BOS. In groups Aslan gained BIG 3! Thank You Kirsti, Tea and Maija:)!

BOB Aslan & BOS Dotti

Aslan BIG 3

16.05.2009 Hamina. Päivi Eerola judged. Jette (Jitterbop Code Name Pink) was BOB-Puppy! Lotta was third in CH-class with excellent.

Photo © Maria Paalanen
Jette BOB puppy

Photo © Maria Paalanen
Jette7 months.

03.05.2009 Tanya Ahlman-Stockmari judged at Turenki group show and made our Lotta CHAMPION!!! She also was BOS! BOB was Jitterbop Mr. Lordi who also finished his title, CONGRATULATIONS Jaana and Lordi:) What a great day!! Thanks Maija for photos!

BOB Jitterbop Mr. Lordi & BOS Wyomaers Jit-R-Bop

Lotta new Champion
26.04.2009 Lahti INT. Juha Kares judged and our Lotta who is back from maternity leave was second in her class with excellent.
19.04.2009 Zidy Munsterhielm-Ehnberg judged at Outokumpu. This was Tellervo´s first show. She started really well and got excellent! She also was second in her class.
Tauno´s girl Alli (Cheladine´s Twirly Girlie) was BOB with CC!!! Congratulations Ansku for great results!
22.02.2009 Tuusniemi group show. Päivi Eerola gave Katti Res-CC.. Now she got 7!:)
18.10.2008 Hämeenlinna. Marjatta Pylvänäinen-Suorsa judged Bichons. Katti took another res-cc..
Katti was BB 2.
13.9.2008 Porvoo. Unto Timonen judged Bichons. Mauno was BM2 and Lotta BB4 with res-cc.


Helsinki. Judge Elsbeth Clerc. This was Mauno´s third show after his 2 year birthday. He took his 4th and last CC in Finland and best possible way, he was also BOB! And to make sure life doesn´t get too exciting Katti took RES-CC.. This was her 5th RES-cc in about 2 months!

BOB Manoir´s Zoom To Wyomaers & BOS Jitterbop Pin Code

Photo © Maria Paalanen

Photo © Maria Paalanen

Photo © Maria Paalanen
31.8.2008 Toydog Specialty in Helsinki. Judge Carl Sparrow. Mauno was BM 4 with RES-CC and Katti BB 4 with RES-CC also. I also had Jaana´s Pinkki with me and she was BOB!


Photo © Maria Paalanen


30.8.2008 Tampere Group Show. Judge Maja Korosek. Mauno was BM 3 with RES-CC. Katti BB 4. Minttu got VG.
Thanks for photos Anssi & Riikka!


Katti moving.
24.8.2008 Valkeakoski. Judge Zeljko Gajic. "Minttu" Wyomaers Rock The Rose won junior class with Excellent!
Lotta decided to show today and was BOS with her third CC!!!

BOS Wyomaers Jit-R-Bop & BOB Diamella Dance Please
Photo © Maria Paalanen
23.8.2008 Hämeenlinna Int. Judge Krystyna Opara. Lotta was second in her class with excellent but had really nice day entertaining the public:)
Katti won her class and was BB3 with RES-CC.
9.8.2008 Helsinki. Judge Karin Bergbom. Katti won open class and was BB2 with RES-CC! Also Minttu took part, she got  Very Good in quality judging.
Congratulations to team Ladykiller´s for new CH!
1-3.8.2008 1.8 National Specialty in Kuopio. Judge was Beth Warman from New Zeland. Wyomaers Jit-R-Bop "Lotta" was BB2 after CH Jitterbop Pin Code or as we know her, Pinkki:) Lotta got her second CC!!!
Congratulations Jaana for BIS-dog and BIS-puppy!

2.8 Sawo Show INT Lotta was second in her class with excellent and finished her weekend being BB4 with res-cc! Judge was Lisbeth Campbell from Norway.

Lotta winning her second CC

3.8 Katti took her second CC in Helsinki group Show. She was BB2. Judge was Kirsti Lummelampi.

Katti 3 years

And here is some older results from this summer.

12.7 Lammi group show. Judge Kirsti Lummelampi. Lotta was BB3.
Thanks family Perälä for a really nice ride and very good food:)

29.6 Järvenpää. Paavo Mattila judged and Katti was BB4 with res-cc.

14.6 Forssa. Katti was second in her class with excellent.

25.05.2008 Juha Putkonen from Finland judged Bichons at Aptus Show Helsinki. His BM3 with res-cacib was Mauno. BM is INT CH and BM2 junior so Mauno should get that CACIB:))
Lotta showed really well today and was BB2 with res-cacib and res-cc!
BOB and BOS today was Hardy-Flap´s Ruby Fizz and Leeward´s Trick Or Treat. Congratulations everyone:)

24.05.2008 Regina and Maija took part to Hamina INT Show. Regina was second in her class with Excellent!
Judge was Tanya Ahlman-Stocmari.

Photo © Maria Paananen
Here Regina shows how to move with Original Wyomaers Style:)
17.05.2008 Puppyshow Tampere. It was first show to "Minttu" Wyomaers Rock The Rose. Minttu´s owner Riikka showed her really well and Minttu was BOS. Congratulations Riikka & Anssi! BOB was Betty Barkley Autumn Dancer. Congratulations to Danny´s owners and thanks for photo:) Judge was Juha Palosaari.

11.05.2008 Group Show Turenki. Zidy Munsterhjelm-Ehnberg judged and gave Regina BB2 placement with res-CC!! Excellent work Maija and Regina!
Also our Tauno´s daughter Cheladine´s Twirly Girlie "Alli" was BB4:) Congrats:)

© Pekka Kaplas
Wyomaers Ease Your Pain "Regina"
26.04.2008 Harry Tast Judged Lahti INT show. Mauno was BM2 and got CC AND CACIB!!! Lotta got vg.
BOB and BOS was again Pinkki & Simo:) Congrats Jaana! And thanks for your help!
And thanks Tarja for help and company! Also thanks for photos girls, even if you were pretty mean:))

Lotta.   Photo © Maria Paananen
20.04.2008 Jyväskylä INT Show. LOTTA WON HER FIRST CC:))!!! And she was BB 3.
BOB was Jitterbop Pin Code and BOS Jitterbop After Me Please, Congratulations Jaana!
Judge was Päivi Eerola.

Thanks for photos Kirsi Räisänen & Jaana!

Lotta 15 months
27.10.2007 Lahti INT Show. Tuula Plathan from Finland judged Bichons. This was Lotta´s (W. Jit-R-Bop) first official show. She started really well! Lotta won her class and was BB4! She is now 10 months old.

 © Maria Paananen
9.9.2007 Porvoo. Judith Daws from U.K. judged. Lotta (Wyomaers Jit-R-Bop) was BOS-Puppy again. This time she actually moved atleast 3 meters or so!
Regina (Wyomaers Ease Your Pain) was third in junior class with excellent.
But our little boy Mauno was the one who surprised us! He was BOS with second CC!!! Really good job Mauno. And really really good job Marianna & Maija taking really good care of kids:) Thanks!!!

Lotta 8 months learning to show.

Mauno 12 months took his second CC.

BOB Jitterbop Pin Code & BOS Manoir´s Zoom To Wyomaers

Regina 14 months
2.9.2007 Helsinki Let´s Go Show. Lotta jumped her way to BOS-Puppy:) And Regina was third with excellent.  Judge was Martha Heine from Germany
26.8.2007 Kaivopuisto Toy Dog Specialty. Frank T. Sabella from U.S.A judged Bichons and Regina was second in junior class, well done girls!
11.8.2007 Maija took Regina to Luumäki group show where Pirjo Aaltonen judged. Regina was BB 3 with res-cc!!! Really good job Maija! We are proud of you!
Thank you Maria Paananen for really good photos!

© Maria Paananen

© Maria Paananen

29.7.2007 Super Summer Show. Carl-Gunnar Stafberg from Sweden judged Bichons and our little Lotta the Kangaroo was BOB-PUPPY! Thanks Elina for showing her when rest of us gave up:)

Wyomaers Jit-R-Bop "moving" with Elina
21.7.2007 Hankasalmi group show. Markku Kipinä judged Bichons and Tauno was BM4!
15.7.2007 Päivi took Tauno to Orivesi where Kitty Sjong from Denmark was judging. She gave Tauno his last CC and Tauno is now NEW CHAMPION!!! He also was BOS. BOB was Ladykiller´s Drama Queen. Thanks a lot Päivi, really good work!
Also "Armi" W. Clara Cluck took part and got VG.

BOB Ladykiller´s Drama Queen BOS Wyomaers Trump Up Cat
Thanks for photo Team Ladykiller´s:)

Here is our new CH Tauno



Tuusula. MAUNO GOT HIS FIRST CC!!!  Marjatta Pylvänäinen-Suorsa judged bichons and Mauno was BM2 with CC! Regina was BB4!!! Way to go girls!

Regina 11 months
17.6.2007 Hämeenlinna. Mauno was third in junior class with excellent and Regina second in junior class also with excellent. Judge was Joan Hutton from Australia.
26.5.2007 Helsinki group show. Rose Massey judged Bichons. Entry was 24. Day was really wet.. And so were our dogs! It was Mauno´s and Regina´s first show and I´m so proud how they started! Mauno won his class and was BM 4 and also Regina won her class and was BB 4!!! Big Congrats Marianna and Maija and BIG thanks for taking so good care of them!
Katti took part to this show too and suprised me totally, she was BOS with her first CC!!!

Mauno 9 months

Regina 10 months

Katti 22 months
19.5.2007 Helsinki INT show. Ruusu was Best Bitch 2 with Res-Cacib! Judge was Mogens Slot Hansen, DK.

04.3.2007 Lahti INT show. Judge was Helle Dan Pålsson from Denmark. Tauno was BM 4 with Res-CC and Ruusu BB 3! Thanks everyone for your help!
04.3.2007 We had second puppy show today and this time Mauno was BM2 and Regina BOS!!! Congrats to co-owners! Judge was Tiina Taulos.

BOB Leaflet´s Contract Kisser & BOS Wyomaers Ease Your Pain

25.2.2007 "Mauno" Manoir´s Zoom To Wyomaers and "Regina" Wyomaers Ease Your Pain had their first puppy show. Kids started really well, Mauno was BOS-puppy and Regina was BB-2! Thank you Pauline for giving us this sweet little boy! And BIG thanks to co-owners Marianna and Maija! Also thanks to Sofi for all your help. Judge was Veli-Pekka Kumpumäki.
22.12.2006 Ruusu gave us perfect Christmas present! She gave birth today and got 2 boys and 4 girls! Ruusu and pups are fine.
02.09.2006 Helsinki Syysnäyttely, Ruusu was first time in champion class and judge Andreas Schemel from Austria gave Ruusu BOB!!! Then in groups my friend Elina Mäntylä showed her and did she show her well!; Ruusu was THIRD IN GROUP!!! Judge was Walter Jungblut from Germany. Thanks everyone for great day and SPECIAL THANKS goes to Elina!

26.08.2006 Hämeenlinna INT Show. Annette Bystrup from Denmark judged Bichons. "Ruusu", Hardy-Flap´s Lime Sublime was BB 3 with CC!!!!! Ruusu is now FIN & DK CH! Thanks Family Harde for this pretty and lovely girl! AND THANKS SOFI, who showed her perfectly today!
"Katti" Wyomaers Cat Fight got excellent and was third in junior class.


Brondby, Denmark. We made a trip to Denmark where Ruusu got 2 CC´s and hopefully 2 CACIB´s too.
We had extremely nice time, THANKS to Family Harde!!! They offered us housing and all foods and everything we needed! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL YOUR HELP! Special thanks to Stefan for showing Ruusu so well!!!
Also THANKS to Lene, Tommy, Lillemor and Simba´s, Nikita´s, Ebba´s familys and Lyuda & Sergey for all help and supremely good company!!!
Congrats everyone for great results!!!
9.7.2006 Karjaa, judge Kirsti Lummelampi. Tauno was BOS and got his third CC!!!

11.6.2006 European Winner Show. Paolo Dondina from Italy judged Bichons. TAUNO WON JUNIOR CLASS and is now EUJW-06!!! And Tauno also got CC!!! Great job Tauno&Päivi!

6.6.2006 Tiia-Riina wanted to wish you all cheerful summer! She has got her 10th birthday in three weeks so she needed new stunning hair-style!

27.5.2006 Riihimäki. Tauno had his second show. He was best male 2 and got his first CC!!! Well done Päivi & Tauno! Tauno is now 10 months old.

Tauno 10 months

Tauno few months ago, 6 months old.
25.5.2006 Jämsänkoski, Juha Kares judged Bichons and our Aamu, Jitterbop Moon Cat was BOB with her last CC and became FIN CH!!!!!
Thank you so much Sofi and Päivi for all your help, AND THANKS Jaana for this super wonderful Aamu!!!

14.5.2006 Oulu. We got extremely great news from Oulu, Unna (W. Beauty Spot, Parson Russell) got her last CC and became CHAMPION!!!! Unna was also BOB! Judge was Joyce O`Connor from Ireland. Thank you so much Liisa and Esa, you have done such a great job with Unna!!!

14.5.2006 Hamina. Karin Bergbom judged Bichons. It was Tauno´s (W. Trump Up Cat) first show, and what a great start, Tauno was Best Male 2 with Res-CC!!! Tauno was shown perfectly by Tauno´s co-owner Päivi. Thanks and Congrats Päivi!
Also Big Congrats Jaana & Pinkki for Pinkki´s BOB with CC and BIG-2 and Sofi & Emil for BOS with CC!! And last but surely not least..  JITTERBOP breeders group BIS!!!
09.4.2006 Kankaanpää group show. Juha Kares was judging Bichons and gave our Wille, Wyomaers All Or Nothing, his last CC!!! Wille became FIN CH!!! Wille was also BOB! Wille is from our first litter and first Wyomaers Champion, so we are extremely proud of him!!! Big Congrats and BIGGER THANKS to Wille´s owner Marja-Liisa Hurmelinna Vilenius!
And our Aamu, Jitterbop Moon Cat was BB 4!

Aamu 2,5 years old

Wille Best of Breed
26.2.2006 Helsinki, Puppy Show. Aamu´s and Ace´s pups Katti and Tauno had their first puppy show. Tauno, Wyomaers Trump Up Cat won older pups and was BM 2!!! And Katti, Wyomaers Cat Fight was BOS!!! Kids are now 7 months old.
6.8.2005 Unna got her second CC!!! And was BOS in Joensuu INT show. Judge was Veli-Pekka Kumpumäki. Congratulations Unna´s family again, well done!!!!!
30.7.2005 Unna, Wyomaers Beauty Spot, was second best female with Res-CC in Tornio. Judge was Anne Tove Strande from Norway. Congrats Liisa and Esa!

Unna 15 months
16.7.2005 Ypäjä. RUUSU WAS BOS and got her second CC!!! We are so proud of her! Judge was Nils Molin from Sweden. BOB was Päivi´s Konsta, Jitterbop Under Control.

Konsta BOB and Ruusu BOS


Hyvinkää. Rainer Vuorinen judged Bichons and Ruusu was Best Bitch 3! I also had honour to
help with Jitterbop dogs. Result was just SUPER, boys were Best Male 1,2 and 3!!! Konsta finished his day as BIS!!! And Jitterbop´s breeder´s group was also BIS!!!!!



Närpiö. Ruusu was Best Bitch 3! Fanni´s son Charlie (Jitterbop I´m Loving It) had his first show and he was Best Male 3 with Res-CC!!!


4.6.2005 Tervakoski. Our little youngster RUUSU, HARDY FLAP´S LIME SUBLIME, WAS SECOND BEST FEMALE AND GOT HER FIRST CC!!!!! Konsta, Jitterbop Under Control, was BOB and also GROUP 3!!! This great judge was Bengt-Åke Bogren from Sweden.
28.5.2005 We were at Leppävirta with Ruusu. Ruusu won junior class and was 4. best female!!!
Judge was from Norway, Mona K. Selbach.
22.5.2005 Hamina INT. Aamu was third best female!!!
Tayja Ahlman-Stockmari was judging.
21.5.2005 Helsinki, Aptus INT Show. Ruusu was fourth best female!!!!! Also Aamu was in show, she was second in her class. Aamu also took part in Jitterbop´s breeders class, and Kennel Jitterbop was BIS 1!!!

Ruusu 10 months


7.5.2005 Oulu. Elli´s girl Unna gave her self best possible one year birthday present and was BOS WITH HER FIRST CC!!!!! Judge was Valentina Ivanishcheva from Russia. SUPER CONGRATS UNNA, LIISA AND ESA, way to go!!!!


9.4.2005 Outokumpu. AAMU GOT SECOND CC!!! Aamu was second best female. Konsta was BOS and BECAME FIN CH! CONGRATS Konsta, Päivi and Jaana! Judge was Paavo Mattila.

Aamu celebrating her CC

Good friends Aamu and Konsta kissing..

27.3.2005 Lappenranta, Päivi Eerola judged Bichons. It was Ruusu´s, Hardy-Flap´s Lime Sublime first show and she was BOB-PUPPY!!! And AAMU GOT HER FIRST CC!!! Aamu was second best female after Ch Emmi, Jitterbop When Ever. It was very long and especially chilly day, but so worth it!!!!! Konsta was BOB and BIG1, Erkki, Jitterbop Million Bucks, second best male.

Aamu who is now 19 months.

13.2.2005 We went with my good friend Päivi to Estonia, there was INT show in Tallinn. Aamu was second best female and got res-CACIB! Best female is INT CH, so Aamu will get her first CACIB!!!!!
Päivi´s Konsta (Jitterbop Under Control) was BOB with EST CC and CACIB!!!!! Judge was Hans Almgren from Sweden. CONGRATS Jaana and Päivi!!!
16.1.2005 Juva. Aamu, Jitterbop Moon Cat was second best female, and got res-CC!!!
THANKS Jaana for your help again!

9.1.2005 Kajaani KV, Wyomaers Beauty Spot, Unna, osallistui ensimmäiseen näyttelyynsä. Unna oli hienosti narttupentujen 3. kunniapalkinnolla, ja sai loistavan arvostelun!!! Tuomarina Marja Talvitie. Paljon Onnea Liisa, Esa ja Unna!
Unna had her first show at Kajaani. And she was third best female puppy, great start Unna!!!


Jouluna 2003 paketteja avaamassa




20.11.2004 Jyväskylä KV näyttely. Meillä oli aivan loistava päivä!!! Wille oli ROP!!! Ja sai kolmannen SERTIN!! Tuomarina Juha Kares, kiitos tästä ikimuistoisesta päivästä! Kiitokset Jaanalle taas kaikesta avusta! Ja paljon onnea Emmin suorituksesta, VSP ja FIN MVA!!! 
Jyväskylä INT, Wille was BOB with CC, and Jaana´s Emmi BOS with CC and CACIB! Emmi became CHAMPION!

29.8.2004 Heinolassa Aamu, Jitterbop Moon Cat, oli Paras Narttu 3 ja sai vara-sertin!
Heinola, Aamu was third best female with res-CC!


21.8.2004 Tervakoskella Wille sai toisen sertin ja oli VSP! Tuomari oli Annaliisa Heikkinen.
Wille was BOS and CC! 

11.7.2004 Mäntsälässä Wille, Wyomaers All Or Nothing, oli upeasti ROP ja RYP-3 saaden ensimmäisen sertinsä!!! Tuomarina Zidy Munsterhjelm-Ehnberg. Ryhmäkilpailussa Willen sijoitus oli loistavasti 3!!!!! Tuomarina Paula Heikkinen-Lehkonen

15.5. Haminan koiranäyttelyssä Aamu oli ensimmäistä kertaa junioriluokassa. Aamu oli hienosti PN 3! Tuomarina Paula Heikkinen-Lehkonen.

3.5.2004 Elli synnytti kolme tyttöä ja yhden pojan maanantaina.
29.4.2004 Sivujamme uusittu iloisemmaksi ja keväisemmäksi! Sisältö muuttuu hiljalleen.
26.4.2004 Lahden KV näyttelyssä Jitterbop Moon Cat, Aamu, oli ensimmäisessä näyttelyssään. Ja tulos oli upea: Aamu oli VSP-PENTU! Aamun veli Jitterbop Copy Cat, Väinö, oli ROP-PENTU! Paljon onnea Elinalle ja Jaanalle!

4.4.2004 Wyomaers All Or Nothing , Wille, osallistui ensimmäiseen näyttelyynsä 4.4 Keravalla pentunäyttelyssä. Päivä oli loistava!!!!! Wille oli RYP 1! Tuomarina Eeva Resko. Suuret kiitokset Jaanalle trimmauksesta ja esittämisestä, ilman apua tätä ei olisi tapahtunut! Willen ylpeä omistaja on Marja-Liisa Hurmelinna-Vilenius. Katso kuvat.

2.4.2004 Elli saa pentuja kuunvaihteessa. Isä on Tallitontun kennelin Heythrop Trailblazer eli Lasse, AKC CH.
13.3.2004 Ikäviä uutisia. 14-vuotias Pekka-kissamme kuoli pitkän sairastelun jälkeen.

4.3.2004 Nyt pistetään peukut pystyyn! Toivottavasti keväällä syntyy pieniä parsoneita Ellille. Isä on Tallitontun kennelin Heythrop Trailblazer eli Lasse, AKC CH.

15.2.2004 Iita kävi ensimmäistä kertaa näyttelyssä Imatralla. Päivä meni mukavasti ja Iita viihtyi erinomaisesti. Tuloskin oli hyvä: avoin luokka eri1, pn4. Tuomarina Johan Juslin. Kiitos trimmauksesta Jaanalle ja matkaseurasta Jutalle, Kaitsulle sekä Lucalle.


Saimme terveiset Willeltä. Kuvassa myös Nico.