Zombie Rodeo is a Helsinki-based rock band from Finland founded in 2011. So far we have released three promos. Our sound is best described as gritty fuzz rock with a straightforward and groovy sound and we love performing high-energy rock shows.

In the past couple of years we have gone through a few of line-up changes, and the musical direction has now changed to a more classical heavy rock approach, with more melodic songs and powerful vocals. This all has been done without forgetting our past.

We also now have a new EP recorded, titled as the "Cult Leader EP", to be released at 18th of November. This EP will feature a new, resurrected Zombie Rodeo, highlighting 5 striking songs.

Band members:

Thomas Vee - vocals
Miika Partonen - guitar, vocals
Mika Rissanen - guitar
Mikko Puhakka - bass
Mikko Mustonen - drums