WYRD was originally formed under the name of Hellkult in 1997 by Narqath and drummer Kalma (ex- Azaghal). The style was thrashing heathen/war metal and 3 demos were released under this name: "Christian Holocaust"(97), "Hail War!"(98) and "Of Pure Heathen Blood"(98). After the recordings of "Of Pure Heathen Blood" drummer Kalma left the band and Narqath decided to continue the battle alone.

With a different name and a slightly altered style, the first WYRD demo was unleashed upon feeble mortals in early 2000. "Unchained Heathen Wrath" featured material recorded between 1998 and 2000, some of the older stuff was still in the vein of the old Hellkult release while the newer songs on the demo introduced more atmospheric and slower elements to the music. Lyrical themes were still centered around old folklore and nordic mythology like before.

The second demo, "Of Revenge and Bloodstained Swords", released in 2001, saw the last of the thrash influences fade into the background to make room for the more atmospheric style of heathen / black metal. The demo lead to a deal with Millenium Metal.

After several albums on Millenium Metal / Solistitium
(later re-released by Omvina), Wyrd is now signed to Avantgarde Music.
JLNokturnal joined Wyrd as a drummer in 2005.