Old 160 baud ALDL display project

Page updated 15.09.2003



This is "reprint" of my very old 160 baud ALDL display project. During the past years I have made some code modifications and transferred project into PIC16F628 controller. Project still remains written in Microchip assembler. I have also made two sided 60 x 100 mm pcb for the project. This pcb fits behind 4 * 20 LCD display. Schematics and source code are all the documentation available. Other things you have to find your self. Very good resources are for example these www pages:





You have few jumper options for different back light options and LCD or VFD display. Read schematics carefully. Schematic acts also as part list.

Schematics in PDF format 


PCB and layout



Part placement



Display page1 and page2


Extra components (LT1144) what you can see in the prototype area are for negative supply. Wide temperature range LCD displays require negative bias voltage. This feature is not in original design. Prototype area is just for these kind of add ones.



Main application is for 1227747 ECM. Current PIC16F628 code version is for this application. Some other 160 baud ECMs are tested but not "supported". I have also included special version what I am using with my Rover TBI setup. 747 ECM in my Rover is modified so that it transmits ignition advance instead of prom id. Modified display code shows also this.


1227747 source code and ready to use hex file

Experiments with 165 ECM

Rover code



 Other information


Original project can be found here