JUMA-RX1 modified for DRM reception




We have been asked if JUMA-RX1 can be used for DRM reception. Matti oh7sv quickly simulated broad DRM filter for JUMA-RX1 and I made a test setup. Except modified JUMA-RX1 you also need PC with sound card and DRM program.

DRM background information and more links can be found here: http://www.drm.org/


Main JUMA-RX1 modification is broad (10kHz) filter for DRM reception. With standard RX software you must tune 12kHz bellow desired DRM station center frequency. In other words your DRM station signal will be down converted to IF frequency between 7-17kHz. This low IF frequency is then fed to DRM program via PC sound card. If you need to avoid some narrow spectrum interference you can use as well other than 12kHz center frequency as long as your IF signal passes filters and stays within sound card input limits.


JUMA-RX1 DRM filter modifications

Simulated DRM filter response

Modified main board

JUMA-RX1 DRM receiver

RX Sound sample


Full schematic & other details can be found from JUMA-RX1 main www site