OH2NLT NUE-PSK Fin/Swe keyboard

Page updated 15.06.2008

The Project

For local QSOs it would be nice to have local characters available. I did not find official spec for PSK31 character set. Empirically I found out that PC Unicode UTF8 or its subset is used. Second maybe bigger issue is the keyboard lay out. US keyboards are not laying everywhere here in the Europe. Because I live in Finland I started the localization with Finnish keyboard. Swedish amateurs are lucky they share the same keyboard lay out with Finland. Picture of US and Fin/Swe KB lay outs.


Local accented characters ÄÖÅäöå are added to the NUE-PSK modem character generator.

Fin/Swe keyboard mapping is implemented. This part of the modification appeared more complex than just do the remapping. Some parts of the NUE-PSK code were designed to handle 7-bit ASCII characters only. This effort required few beers and lots of testing.

Fin/Swe firmware

Fin/Swe firmware seems to work ok. I have not been able to test all possible use cases and conditions. Brave experimenters can load and test Fin/Swe firmware. Modified firmware Modem_Fin_Swe_OH2NLT.hex can be downloaded from here. Firmware .hex file is intended to load and operate with NUE-PSK flash programmer. I am pleased to hear comments how it functions. Later when everything is stable I publish also source code here.


Simple RS232 converter for NUE-PSK flash programming

Schematic diagram of the converter


Converter is so simple that it can be easily build on Vero-board. Just Just MAX232A or equivalent chip and five capacitors.