Intelligent Winch handle

Page updated 17.09.2003




This is add on or by project to 4L80E ALDL display unit. I have also hydraulic 10500lb Mile Marker winch installed in my Hummer. After I had all the ALDL information and extra pressure information available on the display I started to think why not transfer them to winch handle where they are really needed. Mile Marker controls handle was almost optimum for small LCD installation. I did small prototype circuit and quick and dirty program to test the idea. It worked and I have never since touched it but used many times and found useful.

Main features

In hydraulic winch pulling power is directly related to pressure. If you have pressure information you know exactly how hard you are pulling. I for example know that Dodge Ram Charger bumper rip off with about 5000kg(with snatch block) pulling !



Software and microcontroller

Part of functionality is in ALDL display box. It sends out TCM data stream added with pressure information. Processor in winch handle again interprets this data and displays engine rpm and hydraulic pressure. This is old project done with Microchip PIC16F84 controller. No schematic was ever drawn. You have to discover I/O setup from source code. I donít remember what particular LCD I used but any 2*16 or bigger display is good for this project. Program code is just quick and dirty experiment and does not represent any quality programming.





Other Information