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End Of An Era Part II

(April 2007)

It's have been nearly a year since I closed this site, mainly due to
the reasons that can be read from the lower of this page, titled
"End Of An Era" and I'd like to express my feelings again...

It seems that Therapy?/bands management/recordcompany/whatever is making
an exclusive "album" (I still don't think that crappy mp3's are an album)
releasing again. This time it is the BBC sessions that are only available
in iTunes England & Ireland. Good for the fans in those countries but bad
for the rest. I cannot believe that the reasons for these "download-only-albums"
is financial, like many people have suggested. I know many small
(way smaller than Therapy?) bands that releases stuff frequently by themselves
on real Compact Disks, singles and even on DVD's and they are making profit
out of it. They don't do it as a charity. I think that someone has gone greedy
and is trying to milk the cow. I know that these are quite heavy accusations
but hey, that's the way I see it...

I haven't started to like Therapy? again, even though I liked the webgig
(Yes, I bought & downloaded it, so I'm not totally against the download stuff).
I didn't like it a lot, but it was fair enough even though it had too many
"Troublegum" songs, but it was people's choice and some of the fans just likes
to hear "Troublegum" again and again. I think that they are pushing me heavier
away from them, I don't like that the band only plays stuff from "Troublegum"
and I don't like their new stuff on "OCFA". I still think that "One Cure Fits All"
is the shittiest album Therapy? ever made, and yes "Shameless" is pure gold and honey
comparing to it. Maybe it is because of the production is so poor or simply the songs
are bad and the lack of energy and enhusiasm doesn't shine from it at all.

Therapy? is too way "institutionalized" and they don't seem to have that "surprise"
element anymore. Yes, I know it sounds like me... ;o)

What I miss the most is not Therapy?'s music, because it has gone too sour for me.
I miss all the nice people that I have met personally and "e-mail-buddies" that I had.
I also miss to write to Wall Of Mouths-messageboard which was in one time the only one
I checked on a daily basis. Now I look at there occasionally and I see that there is
a lot of silly and to be quite frankly, useless fighting over stupid and totally useless things.
I'm glad that I got out of there it in time. Oh, and what makes me extremely sad is
the fact that no-one ever missed me. I guess that I was just an grumpy old man who was
totally useless to the board. I know that you should never say never, but I think that
I will never be a part of that, once so great board, anymore.
My intrests, gladly, are somewhere else.

On May 2006 my feelings were like this:

End Of An Era

I still remember what feeling I had when I first heard Therapy? on the
radio, it was in the beginning of 1993 and finnish radio-station, Radio
Mafia played "Screamager". I was totally blown away, as the music they
normally played was rubbish. I'm glad that the DJ said what band it was
and what song he played and as there were no internet at the time,
I remember that I had to go to city the next morning and find some
Therapy? from the record-stores. Unfortunately I didn't fine any records
that had that magnifient tune in it, all I found was the album called
"Nurse" and I listened to it and I thought that this doesn't sound like
that tune in the radio, but it doesn't sound bad at all. So I bought it.

The next record I bought was "Shortsharpshock E.P." and in the summer I saw
Therapy? for the first time live at Tavastia-Club, Helsinki. I didn't knew what
the fellas looked like or who sang on the songs (On "Nurse" credits there's only
something like this; "Fyfe: Drums and Vocals, Mike plays bass and Andy:
Flute of shame"
) and there was an small article with the picture of the
band in Helsingin Sanomat-newspaper at the day when the gig was, so I knew
what they looked like... The gig was short but very intense. I didn't knew
any of the "Babyteeth" or "Pleasure Death" songs but the songs I knew kicked
ass. I remember that they played some song that had words "Fuck The Police"
in the chorus but that may be my mind as no-one recalls that kind of song
never played.

I have a lots of memories regarding Therapy? in them, but as it gets really boring
for you to read stuff like that, I'm going to skip it. However I must mentioned a
few highlights, so bear with it or go to to more entertaining stuff.
Firstly, I met my lovely girlfriend because of Therapy? in 1998. I love her very,
very much, even though if you ask it from her, she denies it... ;o)
So, Minna if you are reading this, I would like to say that I love you my baby,
I have been priviledged to meet you years ago and there will be many ahead, right?
Secondly, I have met many great people because of Therapy? that I would never,
ever have met. You all know who you are!

But back to whining. I never thought that my intrest in Therapy? would lose and so quickly,
but unfortunately it did. Why? There is no just one answer, it's a bunch of things.

I realised in the summer of 2005 when I stood in the rain at Rabarock-festival in Estonia
and the band was playing "Die Laughing", that this is the 19th time I see the band live and
they have always played that song, not that it is bad song or I don't like, that the band
is "doomed" to play the same Troublegum-era songs over and over again, as the major public
lost intrest in them in time between Infernal Love and Semi-Detached. I think that was way
too big gap between these two albums. There was the departure of the original drummer but
that shouldn't have made the gap to 3 years.

The final straw for me was the bands/record-company/whoever's decision to start release
download only "singles" and i-f#%!ing-Tunes UK exclusive track. To me they are shitty
sounding compressed mp3's that have crappy quality. I think that the giving free mp3's
is acceptable but not taking money out of them. In that case they should be wav's or FLAC's,
not mp3's. Also a big dissapointment was to hear "Sprung" as a taster from forthcoming album on
their website. I think it was hidious, Andy's singing is so numb and the lack of energy made me
burst into the tears when I heard that. I have always liked their albums from the very first
listening, apart from "Suicide Pact - You First" which took some time to "get used to", but it
turned out one of their best, well, at least to me. I couldn't believe that the band that had
produced "Never Apologise, Never Explain" a year before, could make so dull song.

I know that they aren't popular anymore and the record-company is trying to
make it the easy way and not release the stuff on cd's (apart the album of course) but
by acting this way they lost me, who has support the band ever since 1993, I have bought
all the records and stuff. In fact I have two IKEA cd towers full (and there is more than that)
Therapy? cd's. So I felt that releasing download only singles they are kicking my face,
like punishment kiss ;o).

So basically these were the main reasons why I stop being a Therapy?-fan.
They can do whatever they like, but I'm not supporting them anymore because of
these issues that are too much for me to take and believe me it has been hard to try to
left so many years behind, but sadly I must.

Thanks for all the great 13 years Andy, Michael, Neil, Martin, Graham and Fyfe!

Thanks for your time and take care!
Yours, MarkoJii