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As stated before, you must have a bank account to be able to sell money on the market. Bank account is also handy to store your money and not to hold them in your hand since, if you die in a battle, 10% of the money you are holding in your hand are lost.

When you deposit or withdraw marbles from your bank account, you have to pay a commission for it determined by the commission rate of the bank. There is an exception to this: when you are depositing or withdrawing marbles in the town where your bank account is LOCATED at, you don't pay commission at all. This is why it's important to place your bank account in a town where you spend most of your time. Don't worry if your account is located in a wrong town: you can change the location of your bank account later too.

::opening a bank account::

1. Right click on the bank

2. Press the "Open Account" -button

::bank shortcut::

To access Sambara's bank window anywhere in the GoonZu world. You DO NOT have to be in Sambara and right-click the bank building.

How To Access:
1. Open "Status Info" window. (alt+a)
2. Click "Asset" button.
3. Click "opening the bank window".
4. Tada! The bank window is open even when you are not in Sambara! AMAZING!