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Contents of this guide:
1. Enabling body organ status box
2. Basics
---2.1 Health
---2.2 Satisfied fullness
---2.3 Digestive system
---2.4 Circulatory system
---2.5 Respiratory system
---2.6 Nerve system
3. Anomalies
---3.1. Digestive system
---3.2. Circulatory system
---3.3. Respiratory system
---3.4. Nerve system
---3.5. Important notes
4. Magic
5. Carpets

The food system in Goonzu is pretty complicated and I haven't seen anything like it
in any other game I've played.


First of all I'll guide you how to enable the body organ system panel.

Go to Menu -> System -> Settings and put a tap on "See Body organ".
Now under your health indicator, beside the summon status (if u have a summon),
appears a box, that contains information about your Body Organ status.
This is very useful box to monitor your current state of organ health.
:: 2. BASICS ::

Here I explain what the values in health bar and in body organ status box
stand for.


The value next to the heart icon shows your current health. Normally this value
should be on lower levels 100 and on higher levels 110.
2.2. Satisfied fullness

The value next to the cake icon shows your current satisfied fullness state.
Your maximum and minimum satisfied fullness increase when you level up.
At the beginning the minimum is -30 and maximum is 30. On level 50 these
values are -50 and 50 respectfully. This character is level 97, so it's values
are -97 and 97.
2.3. Digestive system

Digestive system is in short your stomach.
2.4. Circulatory system

Circulatory system is in common language your blood system, veins etc.
2.5. Respiratory system

Respiratory system means your throat, lungs etc.
2.6. Nerve system

In this case Nerve system basically means your head.
:: 3. ANOMALIES ::

If you do ignore the above recommendations and get sick after all, here is a list
of sicknesses and how to cure them. These anomalies are informed by a speech
bubble above your health bar or you can check them from Status Info.
3.1. Digestive system

3.2. Circulatory system

3.3. Respiratory system

3.4. Nerve system

3.5. Important notes

:: 4. MAGIC ::

You can see what magic is related to what body organ system, how many points it
decreases that body organ system value and what is the bonus given to the magic by
the current body organ status by going to Menu -> Magic info.
If you are frequently using certain magic while hunting, it is highly recommended to have
food with you that replenishes that certain body organ system. For example, if you are an
axer and use drain, which is highly recommended, you should keep Carp Soup or Hard
Boiled Mackerel with you since these foods replenish Circulatory system.

:: 5. CARPETS ::

Newer carpets (and cushions) not only replenish your HP and MP, but also your Body
Organ system values. This is done by certain rate, like +1 to +3 points every 10 seconds,
until all Body Organ system values are at their maximum.

The most recent carpets especially igloo, hotsprings, and beach are so good at healing
that their health replenishing rate exceeds the "sickness" rate. Therefore, while satiety
may be at -300, as long as you are in one of these carpets, you never get indigestion.
This is the reason some people are able to hunt for hours at a time without requiring food.