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Market is the main building considering the economy of the Luminary Goonzu. Here you can buy things other players are selling or sell things to other players. To be able to use the market, you have to have a bank account.


1. First check the commission rate of the market. The smaller it is, the less marbles you have to pay for putting items on the market. Generally a commission rate of 2% and below is recommended. Some major player run towns have commission rate of 1%. If the commission rate is 5%, you are propably in a non player run town. This rate is way too high, since you have to pay 5% of the price you are going to get from selling the items as commission.

2. Pick the item you want to sell. (Note that unsealed items, like the saw in this picture, can NOT be sold)

3. Type in the amount of the current item you want to sell.

4. Check for the current market price for this item

5. Here you can see how much other players are asking for the same item

6. Type in the price you want to sell one individual item

7. Check that you have enough money in your hand to pay the commission

8. Sell your order
When your items are sold, you will have an announcement of it. If your items won't be sold in 1 month game time (1 day real time), the price of the item will be lowered. You will be also notified for this.


1. Click on the "Buy items" -button

2. Select the class of item you are searching for from the drop menu

3. Search for the item from the second drop menu


You can do it like in the picture below:

1. Click on the "Buy items" -button

2. Type in the name of the item (note that this is case sensitive so "Weak" is different from "weak")

3. Pick your item from the drop menu