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Having a summoned monster can be very profitable in the game despite the fact that a higher level summoned monsters are pretty expensive.

When you summon a monster, you don't need summon technique skill at all. You only need to be lvl 25 or higher and have one or a few Evil Raccoon dolls.

The first monster to be summoned is always an Evil Raccoon. No other summons can be summoned from dolls, but are obtained by evolving the Evil Raccoon into a higher level monster.

To summon the Evil Raccoon you must right click on the Evil Raccoon doll in your inventory. Most of the time you succeed with the first doll, but if you don't succeed to summon, try again.

After you have summoned your first monster, you can recall or dismiss it using the F6 key. You can have up to 3 summons, the second summons is under F7 and the third one is under F8.

The first thing to do is to put the summon into "stand by" -state. This is due to the fact that Evil Raccoon is so weak, that if you let it attack with you, any monster at all will kill it.
Next keep your summon out while you are hunting yourself, the summon will get a portion of the experience you will get while hunting. It's recommended to level your Evil Raccoon to at least level 20-25 like this before you start evolving it.

Note that each summon has a certain amount of SPT (Spirit Time), when this time runs out, your summon will be dismissed for a certain time to regain SPT. The higher evolution level your summon is, the higher the SPT will be.

When you want to get a better summon, you must evolve your current summon. To evolve a summon you must go to the NPC Vlad (in Hanyang or in some other towns)and have the items in your inventory what it takes to evolve your summon 1 evolution level.

You can only evolve 1 evolution level at a time. So if you want to evolve from Evil Raccoon to Mad Chicken, you must first evolve the Evil Raccoon into Green Mushroom Boy, Pink Pig or Pink Rabbit and after that evolve the summon again, this time into Mad Chicken.

There is a complete list of summons, their evolution levels, required items to evolve and required summons experience level to evolve in the Summon Evolution Chart.

It is recommended to evolve into ranged summons only. This is because the ranged summons can attack from distance and there for they are faster than melee summons and they won't die as easily as melee summons since the monsters can't attack back immediately (unless you have attacked a ranged monster).

The following Summoned Monsters are ranged:

Evolution Tickets for lower evolution levels can be purchased from NPC Clara near Talasha town.


When you want your summon to attack independently, you keep down your Shift-key and left click on the monster you want to attack you summon with. Now your summon will attack the monster until the monster is dead or your summon is dead.


If you are unlucky or careless, you might get your summon killed. In this case you must resurrect your dead summon. This happens by goind to the NPC Vlad with as many correct summon dolls in your inventory as your summons level is. For example if you have level 25 Shaman Ladybugs, you need 25 Shaman Ladybugs dolls. Then just let Vlad resurrect your summon by pressing resurrect-button.

Resurrection of a summon can also be done by using a special Resurrection Ticket. This ticket resembles a tomb stone. The resurrection tickets are pretty expensive and they are most usable on high evolution level monsters.


As I stated earlier, using a summon doesn't require the summon technique skill. However, this skill is still highly usable when using summons, since 3 summon technique skill levels give 1% boost to your summon attack.

Higher summon technique skill also adds to your summons SPT.


Using a summon with capture technique can be very profitable since using a summon speeds up your hunting rate and the obtained dolls can be very expensive in the market.

Using summon is effective also, if you don't have capture technique, but still want to hunt lower level monster for materials. Using summon for hunting mats doesn't decrease the amount of obtained materials as it does if you would hunt the monsters with your character.