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Warehouse is for stocking items when you are running out of inventory space. And believe me, that happens fast!

Every single warehouse slot has 30 slots for items. For the use of the warehouse you must pay a monthly fee (1 day real time) defined by the Head of the Warehouse. Most warehouse leases last for 2 years (24 days real time), unless you are unable to pay the rent when the lease is cancelled right a way.

When your warehouse lease is starting to expire, you will have a notice for it 3 days (real time) before the lease expires and every day after this until the lease is expired or you extend the lease.

If your warehouse lease expires for some reason and you haven't had the time to remove your items from the warehouse, your items are sent to NPC Clara near Talasha, who will hold your items for 3 months (real time). You can get you items from her by giving her 1% of the items total cost.

Warehouse slots are town related, so you can not access your warehouse slot from no other town then where the slot is located at.

::applying for a warehouse slot::
  1. Right click the warehouse
  2. Click the "Lease" -tab
  3. Click the "Apply" -button
  4. Now wait for the Warehouse Head to approve your application

::extending warehouse lease::
  1. Right click the warehouse
  2. Enter to your slot
  3. Click the "Management" -button in the top row
  4. Click the "Extend Contract" -button at the bottom
Note that you must have equal to 1 months rent of marbles in your hand to do this.