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Material from IBPA no530
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This page gives you access to my other pages with my programs PBNform, deal input, cardtable and batch converter. If you download my programs, please give your E-mail address information in my guestbook, so that I can notify you when new versions are available. Please, feel free to contact me with suggestions and comments. If you have comments regarding PBN as standard please contact Tis Veugen. PBNform is a Microsoft Word 97 form for inputting of tournament data and then printing the form, saving it as a Word97 file of as a standard PBN file. See the appropriate page for more information and for downloading.

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Portable Bridge Notation (PBN) is a universal standard proposal for saving deals from cardgame bridge in digital human readable format on a computer's harddisk or other media. PBN has now reached some kind of final status and is published as 2.0. Version 2.0 is frozen till September 2000. Most information on my pages centrates on PBN-information.

Tis Veugen is the coordinator for this project and I have appointed myself as co-editor.

More Info:
Tis can be contacted via
Email. His PBN-homepage is found here here. Tis has also available a PBN-verifier and its source code. The verifier checks an input file for correct syntax and writes an error report and a corrected file version. Tis has also a PBN-viewer. See my index for these links for Java, Windows95 and NT versions.

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