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   Note this page's programs were developed for my own use
  The Word macros are for Duplimate.

Duplimate package can be found here.

Download programs Current Build Size Preview Program Interface
Duplimate to PBN Converter 1.00.009 53kB Duplimate Converter preview   Program dated 2003-02-11T21:16 
Batch Converter 1.00.158 240kB Batch converter preview    Program dated 2003-05-22
Bridge Deal Input 1.00.020 42kB Deal input preview    Program dated 1999-02-15T22:39
PBNstatistics 1.00.012 48kB PBNstatistics preview   Program dated 2000-04-26T19:07 Also Duplimate compatible!
PBNdistribution 1.00.010 87kB PBNdistribution preview   Program dated 2000-04-26T19:07 Also Duplimate compatible!
PBNfinder 1.00.019 72kB PBNfinder preview   Program dated 2000-04-28 T21:14 Also Duplimate compatible!



Download files Description of file
Deal printing with mail merge The zipped package contains preformatted Word files for 1, 4, 8, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 20 or 24 deals per A4 page. It is easy to modify for other page sizes. Data must be in CSV format. My Batchconverter now supports this format. Hans van Staveren's BigDeal program also outputs this format. Unzip package and print read_me_first.doc for detailed instructions. Package size is 360kb.   Please read the readme file.
Guide cards Guidecards in pdf-format for the most common movements.
Deal printing (It is much easier to use mail merge, see above). This program prints out Duplimate deals in different kind of formats. It is a Microsoft Word97 template file, that uses VBA to convert everything in printable form. 245kB
Auxiliary files Some files may be missing for VBA on your computer. Here you can download all the needed files. Do this only after reading the readme and problem files that are in the dealpinting package. 1,9 MB
Deal printing_simple Use this if 'Deal_printing' with common dialog fails on your PC. 67kB.
PBNgossip PBN & MicroBridge8 scores converting to curtain card. It prints out the hand and the score so you can cut out slips (curtain cards). On one A4 paper you get 18 deals if you use double sided printing. Otherwise it is 9 deals per A4. This is a prerelease version that has not been tested with many PBN file types. (This is a very nice enhancement to Duplimat mechanical dealer. You can compare scores at home, when playing with 3 friends) Build is 56, program dated 2003-03-10, 117 kB, includes Word dot file for formatting and printing (
  (It needs as all my other programs!)   downolad it: 1,8Mb
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