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When I started this page some years ago, the problem was that the installation programs for Windows were big because they carried all needed ocx and dll files inside the cabinet files. I then solved the problem by having a separate program for those common files, an installation file for the program's firsttime use and a rather small update file that contained just the exe-file. At the same time most people used modems and minimizing download time was essential.

Now technical development has changeed things and I will just keep the most recent exe-files. This will  simplify updating of this page's programs. I am sorry, but I have neglected updating although I have improved my programs the whole time. I am using Jannersten's BOS frontend myself and almost all my programs are compatible with BOS. This simplifies keeping all files belonging to one event in one single directory.
BOS can be found here. BOS also makes links on desktop etc. unnecessary. By using BOS you can put all your programs on a USB-memory stick and can use them in the same way on any computer. If needed you must run the Memorystick program to get compatible system.

I will drop the preview page that shows the frontend layout at some time because I do frequent small changes in layout. I will have the old files available for available for still some months. Yhe links are found at the end of this page.


Download programs Current Build Size Explanation
Memorystick 1.0.0 19,5MB Unzip and run program memorystick.exe (not setup.exe)
This program installa all needed ocx, dll togeter with Ghostscript and Ghostview on your computers harddisk. You can then use all programs from a USB-memorystick.
program (exe) 116kB This is the best random stand alone hand generating program. It uses a trapdoor algorithm (RipEmd) and generator has a sequence length of 2^160 hands. There are aboaut 2^96 different bridge hands. It is virtually impassible to fool the program to generate hands starting at the same point in the sequence.
Setup program
  3,4MB Setup file because it must install extra files.
This is needed only the first time of installation. Unzip and run setup.exe
Handprint 157kB This program generates pdf printouts in landscape or portrait format. You can select how many deals ar printed on one sheet together with headers on top of the form. In addition it can add makeable contracts and optimal contracts.The printout needs Ghostscript, generation of makeable contracts is done using a DeepFinesse dll.  BOS makeable is best to run off-line. In addition program can print out curtain cards.
Ghostscript >=8.54 N/A Gets you to the downloading page, if you do need a newer versions, than the one that came with the Memorystick program.
Ghostview >=4.8 N/A Gets you to the downloading page, if you do need a newer versions, than the one that came with the Memorystick program.
program (exe)   BOSmakeable is uses the Deepfinesse algorithm to calculate makeable contracts. It takes a dealfile in dlm-format as input.
setup program
  2,25MB Setup file because it must install extra files.
This is needed only the first time of installation. Unzip and run setup.exe
ChangeUsedDeals 16kB Bigdeal generates in  standard mode always 99 deals. With this program you can set the startingand ending deal number il a dlm-file.
program (exe) 177kB BatchConverter is my very old program that converts betwwen diferent kind of bridge deal files. Still going strong but not needed very much any more. This is a setup program because it has to install a lot of small picture files.
setup program
  2,03MB This is a setup program because it has to install a lot of small picture files.
This is needed only the first time.
BOSarchiver 40kB Archivier program to be used with BOS
DupConv 129kB Takes files of most frequent formats and renames them to BOS naming convention and moves them to a BOS Event directory
PBNstatistics 36kB Conts honor points etc. Mostly for my own use.
PBNdistribution 13kB Enumerated a set of PBN-files. Prints out the occurence of every card combination. Can be used to chech for specific deistributions (used in the Lazzarotti case)
PBNfinder 63kB Searches for a specific bridge hand. You can define wildcards.
Dealselect 32kB A simple deal selecting program, you can select the criteria.
PBNgossip 85kB Takes a PBN file with deals and pair results from a bridge contest and generates a text file for double sided printing. By cutting the page into 18 rectangular strips  (6*3) you get gossip cards with the deal on one side and the match point scores on the other side. Needs a Word Macro for nice printing. Frontend still needs polishing.
A Word Dot-file   67kB Simplifies the editing and printing of the Gossip card text file.
Links to other
programs that
you should have
    PBNverifier (Tis Veugen)
PBNviewer (Tis Veugen)
BOS frontend (Per Jannersten)

Kaj G Backas    (KGB)

   Programs    NEW: about Åbo slott/Turun linna playing cards

Note the following are links to old programs


Download programs Current Build Size Preview Program Interface
Common files 21-March-01 1,9MB This is the common files for all my programs 1,9 Mb (Not neeeded for VB6 programs)
Batch Converter with dll 2.00.008 2,1MB Batch converterDLL preview    DLL version  Program dated 2004-04-15  (This is a VB6 program) Does not need commonfiles
Batch Converter 1.00.203 1,99MB Batch converter preview    Program dated 2006-02-14(This is a VB6 program. Does not need commonfiles)
BigDeal for Windows 1.30.001 3,6MB Preview of BigDeal for Windows  VB6 program dated 2005-11-017-08. Does not need commonfiles
Now includes curtain card and deal printout function in pdf-format!
Please read the menu item 'Read this First' and print 'BigDealDuplimate.pdf' after installing the program. They contain additional information about the use of Duplimate and installation of Ghostscript.
Handprint 1.0.0 2,8MB The printout function of BigDeal as a separate program, See BigDeal notes.
HvS Deal frontend 1.00.021 29kB Frontend preview for Hans van Staveren's Big Deal and Big Deal X programs  Program dated 2001-12-03 You should use BigDeal for Windows, and not this program
      Preview of my deal selecting program (no download at time)
Cardtable Converter 1.50.193 142kB Cardtable preview    Program dated 1999-01-23T17:21, My first conversion program (obsolete)
GiB Double Dummy solver beta: 1.00.006 129kB GiB Double Dummy preview   Program dated 1999-10-24T21:03
Bridge Deal Input 1.00.020 42kB Deal input preview    Program dated 1999-02-15T22:39
PBNclipboard 1.00.019 32kB Program dated 2003-01-05, this programs reads a PBN deal instandrard form from disk or clipboard and returns the deal to clipboard in newpaper format for inserting in E-mail etc. Now rotates hands, flips NS cards, exchanges NE cards.
PBNstatistics 1.00.012 48kB PBNstatistics preview   Counts HP & distribution points. Program dated 2000-04-26T19:07 Also Duplimate compatible!
PBNdistribution 1.00.067 386kB PBNdistribution preview   Enumerates deal distributions. Program dated 2006-05-14T19:07 Also Duplimate compatible!
PBNfinder 1.00.019 72kB PBNfinder preview   Finds a deal exact or with wildcards starting at a certain directory including all subdirectories. Program dated 2000-04-28 T21:14 Also Duplimate compatible!
Duplimate to PBN Converter 1.00.005 30kB Duplimate Converter preview   Finds all deals starting at a certain directory including all subdirectories and converts. Program dated 2000-04-28 T21:16  Also Duplimate compatible!
PBN pairs Build14   Program dated 2003-02-08
PBN gossip 1.00.056 117kB PBN gossip card preview. Program dated 2003-03-10, includes Word dot file for formatting and printing (
PBNform   125kB PBNform preview  This is a Word 97 form to be used for inputting of data that is converted to PBN-format on saving.
Team score sheet   130kB This is a Word file that prints out to score sheets for team matches. 130 kB.
Team scoreWMF   530kB This is a the raw WMF file for score sheets for team matches.
Duplimate deal printout   257kB Duplimate deal printout preview. For more information see the Jannersten sub-page


Crayfish eating with my family in August 1997 Crayfish is a Finnish specality
Me with tan and unshaved for four weeks After my vacation in 1997
A Fournier Playing card Front of my personal business card
Notice the text on the card Back of my personal business card

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