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You can see our dogs and their puppies by clicking above links. Our first jrt came to us in 2001 from Rasavillin kennel.


We are a small home breeder and all our dogs live in our house.


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Pirjo and Jarmo Koivisto
Koivurannantie 20


3.2.2013 Kirren ja Paten pentu 8 viikkoa (Katso kuvat)

9.12.2012 SnowJack Lavy Day "kirre" ja Kinapak Jul Wolloomooloo "pate" puppies born

20.5.2012 Salzburgissa Digger Varaserti ja CACIB ja Anifissa Serti ja CACIB

12.2.2012 Lady kuusi viikkoa

23.2.2012 Helmin ja Masin 7,5 viikkois pentukuvat (Aino ja Reino)

12.2.2012 Ladyn yksiviikkoiskuvat

4.2.2012 Diivan ja Jaken tyttö syntyi

29.1.2012 Helmin ja Masin 4viikkois pentukuvat

8.1.2012 Helmin ja Masin pentukuvat

8.1.2012 Pentutapaaminen, valokuvia

2.1.2012 Helmi & Masi  puppies born

27.11.2011 Helmi & Masi mated

30.8.2011 Eve & Jakke puppies born

1.7.2011 Eve is mated with Jakke

10.10.2010 Eve&Eppu puppies 6 weeks

12.9.2010 SnowJack Emily became Finnish, Russian and Lithuanian Champion

27.8.2010 Eve & Eppu puppies born

14.8.2010 SnowJack Dig Down Deep "Digger" Norway Champion

16.3.2010 New puppypictures

9.2.2010 New puppypictures

24.1.2010 Veera's and Rodi's puppies born; 3 girls  2 boys

4.7.2009 SnowJack Dig Down Deep "Digger" BOB CACIB CAC and became Swedish champion in Piteå

26.4.2009 Eve was BOB + BIG4 and became Finnish Champion in Vaasa International Show

25.4.2009 Eve got RES-CAC in Lahti international show

28.3.2009 Eve & Nimiss pennut 7 viikkoa katso kuvat

21.2.2009 Eve & Nimiss pennut 2 viikkoa katso kuvat

7.2.2009 Eve & Nimiss pennut syntyneet

10.12.2008 Eve mated with Nimiss / Eve astutettu Nimissin kanssa

3.7.2008 Eve won bitches in Jack Russel Terrier World Specialty

2.7.2008 Snowjack Dig Down Deep "Digger" won intermediate class in World Terrier Specialty

24.5.2008 New puppypictures of Ceri&Pontus girls

15.6.2008 Snowjack Ever Homeward "Eppu" got his second Cert

24.5.2008 Eve Best of Breed in Maalahti

18.5.2008 Niisku Became Finnish Champion in Joensuu

17.5.2008 Rodi Best of Breed in Joensuu

15.5.2008 Abuelas puppies

3.5.2008    Puppies 6½ weeks

20.4.2008 Puppies five weeks

26.3.2008 New puppypictures

26.3.2008 New pictures

16.3.2008 Ceri's puppies born

9.3.2008 Puppies four weeks

2.3.2008 Puppies three weeks

25.2.2008 Puppies two weeks

16.2.2008 New pictures

9.2.2008 Siiri's puppies born

6.1.2008 Eve got CAC in her first official show in Kajaani international show

15.11.2007 Puppies at age of 4 weeks

8.11.2007 Puppies at age of 3 weeks

1.11.2007 Puppies at age of 2 weeks

25.10.2007 Puppies at age of 1 week

18.10.2007 Emma's puppies born

28.9.2007 Emma will have puppies in mid October

8.9.2007   Malung/JR Model Maker 2nd CAC in Porvoo

2.9.2007   SnowJack Dig Down Deep got his third CAC in his fourth show

1.9.2007   SnowJack Dig Down Deep got his 2nd CAC in his third show

1.9.2007   Malung/JR Model Maker BOS in Hakunila

25.8.2007 SnowJack Ever Homeward BOS in Tervakoski International show

29.7.2007 SnowJack Dig Down Deep BOB in Avesta in Sweden

16.6.2007  Eve Arrived at age of 10 weeks

19.5.2007 Rasta's puppies born

14.1.2007 Pictures added

1.10.2006 New pictures

26.9.2006 Emma's puppies born

16.9.2006 Toto's puppies born

6.8.2006 International Beauty Champion title is proposed to Rodi in 26.7.2006

14.-16.7.2006 Emma got two CAC in Sweden Högbo (three shows)

1.7.2006 Emma BOB in Virrat

2.5.2006 Mac & Muru puppies born; four girls

4.3.2006 Rosi arrived on 2nd of March

13.2.2006 Pictures added

12.2.2006 Our new puppy was BOB-puppy in Ballarat Australia

12.2.2006 Rodi International and Estonian Champion in Tallinn Estonia

9.1.2006 Video from a Match show added


11130 Riihimäki

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GSM: +358-(0)45-1302514 (Pirjo)

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