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Commotion Band History


The Band Was Born
October, the Commotion Band was formed as a trio band in Helsinki, Finland. The line-up was Kari Huovinen (guitar/vocals), Mikko Huotari (bass/backing vocals) and Pasi Talvensaari (drums). The name Commotion Band was chosen because the musical style of the band was very close to the classical sound of Creedence Clearwater Revival.

Original line-up:
Huovinen, Talvensaari, Huotari.

The First Public Show
In November, Commotion Band plays their first public show at the weekly Live Music Club held at Restaurant Weeruska in Helsinki.


Lefty Willie Joins The Band
A good friend of band members, Mr. Ville "Lefty Willie" Leppanen, joins the band on special shows and plays electric guitar and Rickenbacker lap steel guitar. Ville continues to play with the Commotion Band every time he has time for it from his own solo/band projects.

Lefty Willie.

Commotion Band becomes known at the music clubs in towns like Helsinki, Turku and Tampere. At that time, there were few bands who regularly included CCR and/or John Fogerty songs in their shows. From the early beginning, Commotion Band wants to play tribute to CCR/John Fogerty and also to the other country/rock legends like Hank Williams, Willie Nelson, Buck Owens etc.


First Single Released
Commotion Band releases their first single, "The Old Man Down The Road"


On The Radio
First public radio show on the Finnish Broadcasting Company YLE in Porvoo. The 45 minute long show included studio live recordings of CCR/JCF tunes "Proud Mary", "I Heard It Through The Grapevine" and "Rockin' All Over The World".


John Fogerty Night
In January, Commotion Band starts to perform shows under the name "John Fogerty Night". The show includes two 45 minutes sets of classical CCR tunes like "Ramble Tamble", "Green River", "Proud Mary" etc. At that time, it seemed that John Fogerty himself would not ever be performing CCR tunes in public. That is one reason why Commotion Band wished to play good and honest versions of the songs John Fogerty had written.


A talented female singer Marja Pitka-Aho joins the hard working country/rock band for the year. She starts her own soul-oriented band in 1995, under the name Baba Soul. Marja's lead vocals on Proud Mary can be heard on the Commotion Band CD "Ramble Tamble".


First Nationwide Radio Show
Commotion Band performs "Lodi", "Have You Ever Seen The Rain", "Run Through The Jungle", and "Travelin' Band" live in the nationwide broadcast of Radio Mafia in Finland in the John Fogerty 50th Anniversary Special. May 26.


Jp Monkkonen replaces Mikko Huotari on bass guitar.


Joe White replaces Pasi Talvensaari on drums.

Fogerty Fest Finland
Commotion Band performs at the 1st Fogerty Fest Finland, the John Fogerty Birthday Tribute in Finland. May 28.

First CD EP
Commotion Band releases their first CD EP, "Ramble Tamble". May 28.


International Tribute CD
Commotion Band contributed an international tribute CD It Came Out Of The Swamp with the renditions of "Ramble Tamble" and "Proud Mary". The tribute CD featured various artists around the world. March.

Another Fogerty Fest Finland Date
Commotion Band plays at the 2nd Annual Fogerty Fest Finland. May 26.


A New Single With Original Material
Commotion Band releases a new CD single including two original songs "JC's Secret Weapon" and "I'm A Guitar Man". March.

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