The supply of new debuting bands is huge these days, and standing out from the mass means you must be heard. Instead of delaying the release of our debut-album we decided to release it for free, since internet is the most effective way to reach every potential listener. We had an opportunity to shoot a proper video for one of our songs and it's released at the same time. If you like our material you're truly welcome to share it with friends and fellow metalheads. Songs from this album can be freely used in any free publications and visual productions, if Fleshkraft is mentioned as the copyrighted author for these songs. Play it loud, cheers!
Br, Fleshkraft


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"First Harvest"

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FLESHKRAFT was formed in Tampere Finland 2003. The first self-recorded songs appeared in TAMPERKELE compilation (2005). The first live appearance took place in March 2006 in Yo-talo, Tampere. Since then the band has played a bunch of local gigs.
By the fall of 2006 the band had created enough songs to begin recording their debut-album.
In the fall 2007 the self-produced/mixed/mastered debut-album "First Harvest" containing 11 original songs was sent to labels as a promo-CD, but since no deals were made, in the fall 2008 the band decided to release the album for free in the internet, along with a new music video. Now the band is heading to the stages, same time finishing material for an upcoming release.
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Mail: jack (a) fleshkraft. com

Graphics by M. Forsberg
Band pic by Pasi Järvinen